Thursday, August 9, 2012

Shopping 8/6/12

$4.19 Stayfree
$4.19 Stayfree
-$3 wyb 2 stayfree CVS magic coupon machine q
-$2 stayfree mq
-$2 stayfree mq
I was glad to buy these for $.70 per package.  A few weeks back when the mq came out, cvs and walgreens had them for $2 a package, but they were long gone and I failed to get a rain check.  So getting the cvs coupon at least made a good way to use them and get some inexpensive 'necessities'.
$4  2 nature valley protein bars @ $2 each
$6 3 Fiber One bars at $2 each
-$1  2 nature valley protein bars mq's @ $.50 each
-$1.80  3 fiber one mq's @ $.60 each
$18.38 before coupons
$8.58 after coupons
Got back $3 extra care buck wyb $10 in cereal bars.  That made the cereal bars $.84 a box- which is a great deal in my opinion.  These are too nice for lunch boxes and for a quick snack thats easy to grab!

I'm going to go back and try the $30 in p&g items earn $10 EB.  There is a new $5 rebate when you buy $25 in p&g items, so I think I can work something great out.

This week I transferred a prescription over to walgreens.  They are running a promotion that when you do, they give you a $25 giftcard.  We have various prescriptions for asthma and allergies, plus I take a couple daily drugs- so I honestly thing I'm going to just transfer them all.  At $25 a pop, I'd say it's worth it!

$12  2 Lanacane sprays @ $6 each
$6.72  2 Glade sprays at $3.36 each
$3  2 W Perfection tampons at $1.50 each
$10 Renew Life 3 day diet cleanse
$3 2 chex snack mix @ $1.50 each (not in picture)

-$3 glade spray mq
-$3 glade spray mq
-$.50 chex mix mq
-$.50 chex mix mq

$34.72 before coupons
$27.72 after coupons
-$25 gift card
$2.72 paid
Earned a total of $28 in register rewards.  2 $6 for lanacane spray, 2 $1 for glade sprays, 2 $1.50 for tampons, 1 $10 for renew life, $1 wyb 2 chex mix.  Keep in mind, for the items I earned 2 register rewards on, I did 2 different transactions.

Great shopping week at Walgreens in my opinion.  Even if I would have paid cash- I would have earned more register rewards than I paid!

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