Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Keep your eyes peeled..........

While shopping at Marsh over the weekend, I noticed a display with a tablet of peel off papers attached to it.  Save $3 instantly when you purchase two dijorno pizzas........I almost stopped reading because that wasn't something I planned to purchase.  But the capitalized word OR kept me going.  OR any combination of ice, salty snacks or soda totalling $16.01 or more.  I looked in my cart, no soda or ice- but lots of salty snack items.  Crackers, hot dogs, cheeses.........those are salty items.  And the coupon scanned through no problem at all.  I saved another $3 off my order just for taking a second to look around.

Lots of folks stopped to read the thing while I was standing there- and I looked in their carts (cause I'm all nosey) and they ALL had soda and chips in their carts, but no one else peeled the ticket.  Like it was too good to be true- someone was givin' away $3 bills, yeah right.  But they were. 

Thank you Miller Lite and for throwing these occassional bones to us in the good old no beer purchase required state of Indiana!

(This was a super bowl promotion, so it ended last Sunday.  But there will be others, so REMEMBER to just look around while you are doing that shopping!)

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