Friday, February 18, 2011

Ask and you shall receive

Earlier this week- my oldest offspring mentioned that we were out of chef boyardee.  And for her this was a problem.  She asked when we were going to get some more.
When it goes on sale I suppose.  Lucky for her, a really great sale popped up at Kroger starting yesterday.

If you haven't looked at their ad- you might want to visit it.  It's a pretty good sale.  They have lots of stuff 'buy 10 get instant $3 off PLUS you get a catalina coupon good for $3 off your next purchase.

I didn't make a day of it- but I did buy 15 cans of chef boyardee, 4 cans of manwich and 11 boxes of pizza rolls.  I know- neither are health food, but with kids and crazy lives they work.  I also bought lettuce, tomatoes, grapes, a cantelope and banannas.  I just felt the need to mention that. (I didn't take a whole purchase photo- that just seemed like too much work yesterday.  sorry)

15 Chef Boyardee- $.99 per can (after all coupons and savings paid $.16 per can)
11 Totino Pizza Rolls- $1.29 per small box (after all coupons and savings paid $.29 per box)
4 Manwich- $.99 (after coupons paid $.14 per can)
=$33 total
My coupons- $.35 off 3 cans of chef boyardee (5 coupons, each doubled, -$3.50), $.40 off 2 totino pizza rolls (5 coupons, each doubled, -$4), and Buy 3 manwich get 1 free (-$.99).
Plus 3 $3 instant savings (one for each 10 items) -$9
$15.51 total out of pocket.
PLUS I have 3 $3 catalinas good off my next purchase.
So if you take off the $9 coupons I received, it is like I spent $6.51 for all of that!

And then- here is the icing on my coupon cake- while on the way to the restroom with my little man (we ALWAYS go to the restroom no matter where we shop, I think he's in a club or something) I looked over the clearance rack and there was a whole basket of this John Frieda shampoo marked down from $6.49 per bottle to $1.  I had $1 off coupons!  Some more free shampoo!
Always check those clearance racks and compare to your coupons.  You never know.


Vicki said...

Hey... that's my shampoo! The kind I ALWAYS buy! Oh, Man! I can't believe you got it for only $1.00!!! And here I thought I got a Betty Bargain on it today at Wal-Mart! It was marked down to $4.50 each and there was an instant $1.00 off coupon on the bottle. Only 4 of the bottles had the instant coupon, so I only bought 4, of course.
Does Kroger have any more in the clearance basket?!?

Mynde said...

I just sent you an email- they had tons of it. A whole shopping basket, it was on the floor under the clearance table. Good luck!