Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Ode to Target

Target Target how I love thee- especially when you pay me to buy peas (and give me free jeans!)

I know I mentioned before how you can print Target coupons right from their website (look down at the bottom at the small words.)  Occassionally they put coupons on there for $3 off shoes and $2 off socks, etc.  Last week, a $5 off any denim women's jeans appearel.  I printed the two I was allowed- but didn't get my hopes up.

As I parked at Target today (this trip has been kind of a highlight for my week, I have been looking forward to it for two days!) I almost ran straight to the frozen foods for their buy ANY 7 frozen items get a $5 giftcard.

But I didn't- I stopped to look at jeans.  And I found a whole entire rack of them marked down to $4.98 per pair (75% off!)  I was able to find the sizes I wanted and Allyson in turn received two brand new pairs of jeans.  For FREE when I used my $5 coupon! (Sorry to say that coupon is now gone from Targets site.  I've learned a lesson.  If I find a Target coupon I think I might be interested in, it's best to print it right then because they take them down without notice.)

Here's my entire shopping purchase.  Before coupons- my total was $106 something.
After coupons, my total was $51.09.
PLUS I got back $35 in giftcards for buying 7 sets of 7 frozen items.
This total includes the 5 boxes of dish washing detergent (after coupon stack- they were $.25 each).
And two pairs of jeans.

So basically I spent $16.09 after my gift cards.

I was so excited I was smiling the whole drive home.

I even bought a frozen food bag for $1.99. 
I had another errand to run and I was afraid the icecreams would melt.
And that would be a tradgedy.

Honestly, I was hoping to stock up on more frozen veggies- but the coolers of cheaper items (like veggies) were pretty picked over.  Understandably so.  It was a HECK of a deal.  I tried to stay to the cheaper items that I had coupons for because I have already used up our grocery budget for the week and we are STOCKED with meat, but I just couldn't not go.  Not for a sale like this.

Check your Target ads- maybe you got this same deal at your store as we did here in Central Indiana.
If not- you got the buy $7 get a free freezer bag- which is so totally not fair.

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