Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Walgreens 2/6-2/12/11

 There are a couple items I was excited to be able to snag at walgreens this week.
Ocean Spray Juices- $2.99, get $2 walgreens cash back.  Kind of like paying $.99.
Proctor & Gamble dish soaps- 5 for $5 and get $1 walgreens cash.  I had 5 $1 off coupons.  So not only were they free, I got $1 back.  These are going to the food pantry.
Colgate toothpaste 2 for $5, get $3 walgreens cash back.  I had $1 off per tube coupons.  So they are free.
Right Guard Mens Body Wash & Shampoo- $3.99 get $3 walgreens cash back.  BONUS- there were $1 off peelies stuck right on the bottles.  FREE!

The 8 count excedrin was $1.49.  There is a $1 off coupon in the walgreens coupon book (at the front of the store by the ads).  I had some $1 off coupons- so I was supposed to be able to make a little money- but no dice.  My coupons beeped- so I just skipped them.  Paid $.49 a bottle.  Normally wouldn't have- but I used them as a little gag gift at work (things are kind of crazy there now) so it worked out.  See polly pocket up there?  She might start joining my little grocery photo shoots.  I kind of like her.

So at Walgreens I spent $27.78 cash out of pocket and got back $22 in walgreens cash.
Then yesterday I went back and bought the 10 jars of Ragu pasta sauce for $15 deal.
Used 5 save $.75 on 2 coupons (-$3.75) and my total was $11.25.
Had to add those pencils to be able to use my reward dollars (only one coupon per item) so added $1 for 4 pencils (plus $2.99 for Sam's iron man valentines)
Used 4 $3 walgreens dollars and 1 $2 walgreens dollars, paid $1.24 in cash.
Got back $5 in walgreens dollars for buying $15 in unilever products.

So all total I got all that stuff- spent less than $30 in actual cash and still have $11 in walgreens cash left.
I guess that's not bad- at least I got some more free toothpaste : )  And Sam now has his valentines.

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