Sunday, February 20, 2011

The M word

You all know that store, the one I SWORE I wasn't going to EVER go back to.  Starts with an M, ends with an EIER.  Yeah, that one.

No matter what it is I go in for, they are sold out of it (sale items speaking) and the customer service.......well, there isn't any.  Not at my store anyway.  Bad news.  Last time, I was so mad when I left that I decided it was not worth it to me to go there.

And then I got a really fabulous voice mail last night.  A tip from an anonymous couponer.  Actually not anonymous, but it makes this post so much more interesting and I'm all for a little added drama.

She said that Meijer has their mentos for $.50 this week.  Coupled with the $.50 coupon a few weeks ago and their doubling policy for coupons up to $.50- this was a money maker.  Straight to the kitchen I went to find those coupons.

And this morning, I checked the sale ad to see if there was anything else I would want to pair up while there.  And low and behold- I noticed Gain Fabric Softener was on sale for $3.99, and if you bought 2 you got a $3 coupon off your next shopping order.  Last week there were $3 of any gain fabric softener coupons- so this could pan out to be a $1 money maker too.

Only- guess what?  They were sold out of it.  The two in the picture were some I picked up at Target for $4.24- less my coupon- $1.24.  Which I was happy with until I saw the Meijer deal.  And now I am again, since Meijer never seems to stock their sale items appropriately.

But I did find the Mentos.  And the airheads had the same deal, and a coupon for $.50 that was on the same page as the mentos coupon.  But my cashier, you know- the coupon police, wouldn't double the coupons.  She manually entered them for $.50 so that they wouldn't double and turn into overage towards my other items.  It's not their policy, it's not printed in their policy, the coupon didn't state it- but whatever.  At least they were free.  I love it when I meet a coupon police cashier that is almost upset that I am saving so much money.  It's a free world darlin'- and the paper is right over there.  Get to clippin' lady and BACK OFF!  The sales and the coupons are open to whoever wants to mess with them, which I am.

And I now have a fresh reminder of why I typically don't go there.

Unless I get another super secret tip (thank you super secret tip giver!  I'll send my dental bills to you : )

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