Monday, February 21, 2011

This weeks deals............for me

First- let me say that had I realized what was going on over at the old red bullseye- I'd have spent my time there.  But I didn't realize it until late last night.  I am hoping I can fit it in today- but I bet the freezers are pretty emtpy.  They are having a sale this week (it's regional- but we got it, yay!)  Buy ANY 7 frozen items, get a $5 gift card.  No kidding.  Pair this with some coupons and it will make for some pretty sweet savings!!!!  I'll post about my Target trip, after I get to have it.  I'm hoping I don't enter the store only to find meatless hamburgers and $8 casseroles left.

Also- great couponing is kind of like poker.  You got to know when to hold them and wait for the best deal out there.  And sometimes you pass on an okay deal, hoping for something better.  Last week- I posted about my $.49 dove deodorant stack deal at Target and I was happy with it.  Had I waited just a few more stinkin days, I could have gotten it for completely free this week.  Walgreens has a dove deodorant sale for $1.99 this week- pair it with the $2 off any dove deodorant coupon and it makes you smell good.........for free.  Dang.

Anyway- what I did purchase.......Walgreens:
 Tampons- $5.99.  Less $1 off coupon (printed off internet).  Got $5 back in walgreens cash. (FREE!)
Goody Hair Ties- $2.99.  Got $2 back in walgreens cash. ($.99- they were free at Christmas but my children eat them apparently so I figured I better get some more.)
Excedrin- $1.49.  Less $1 from Feb walgreens book.  Cashier wouldn't honor my other coupon.  Paid $.49, but I need some for my purse so I guess it's a wash.
Cream of Wheat $1 per sample box of 3 packs.  Less $1 off ANY cream of wheat.  (Free!)  At another store I was told by the cashier that I couldn't use that coupon on that box, even though it said ANY and didn't specify a size or anything.  She said it was only for the full size boxes.  Because was an undercover Cream of Wheat secret service agent apparently.
Breathe Right Strips- $5.99 each- Less 2 free box coupons that printed with my receipt last month.  Free.
Dr. Scholls foot pad things.  Actually- I've been wanting to try these in some super cool boots I have that make the balls of my feet rub.  So this was exciting.  The high heel ones were $6.99 and the fancy boot ones were $14.99.  I printed 2 $2 coupons off the internet (check out that wild for wags blog- she posts the links for coupons to go with deals)- so that made it $18.  And I got back $8 in walgreens cash for spending $20 on Dr. Scholls shoe things- that I have been waiting for a sale on. Yay!

Also:  If I had a child in diapers- Walgreens would have my attention this week.  Pampers are on sale for $8.99.  There is a baby coupon booklet available in the store- you'll have to look around for it- but check the cosmetics counter.  There is a $2 walgreens coupon for pampers.  You can still use a manufacturer coupon on top of that- plus you get $2 back in walgreens cash.  Pretty good deal?  I'm out of the diaper loop, so I'm not sure.

They have some 100% rewards on some candy- good for 3 days or something- jelly beans, cadbury egg (limit 1 boo!), opportunities to match some b1g1 candy bar coupons with the sale to get some free.  Check it out- might be a good time to stash some back for easter baskets.

What I did get was the Purex they have on sale.  Those 3 in 1 complete sheets have intrigued me.  They are on sale for $3.99.  There was a $3 off 1 coupon in yesterdays paper!  That made them $.99 each!
Plus the liquid Purex is $1.99- and there was a $1 off 1 coupon in yesterdays paper.  I don't know about you but I'm glad to pay $1 for laundry soap.

Disclaimer:  I swear I don't encourage my children to pose goofy in my grocery pictures.  They just ALWAYS do.  If I get out the camera to just take their picture, they hide.  If I start stacking up laundry detergent on the counter, they pose and act goofy.  Uhg.  I'm afraid these will be the pictures I have to put in our family photo albums.

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Kari said...

I headed to Target tonight with fingers crossed that the frozen food gift card deal would be valid at my Target. It wasn't :( Was going to try some of the Market Pantry burritos that many blogs have mentioned are less than a dollar a piece. Oh well, you win some, you lose some.