Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Lazy Sunday Afternoon Shopping

I must say- Walgreens had nothin of interest to me this week.  Except that 6 pack of Scott paper towels- they had $1 coupon in their February coupon book (they are available in the store- check the rack where their sale ads are) paired with a $1 coupon that was in the paper- $3 for a 6 pack of paper towels- eh.  I bought one- because I had a $2 register reward that was going to expire.  Now I am out of register rewards, but I have some paper towels.

There is a website called Wild for Wags that I typically read to see what all is out there that couponers are finding.  There is an opportunity at Walgreens for some free butterfinger snackerz if you print your own coupons (she's even got the links), a fairly good deal on canisters of quaker oats (like $.89 a big canister or something), lysol no touch handsoap dispenser $11.99- use $3 coupon-get $7RR (ends up being $1.99) and a good money maker on Neuragen PN- pay $4.99 get $10 register rewards back.  I may go back over there- or may not.

The week of the yogurt.
If you are yogurt eaters- and coupon clippers- Marsh has all of the varieties pictured for $2.  I had coupons for either $.50 (which double to $1) or $1- which means $1 a package yogurt.  And even if you aren't coupon clippers- some of them even had coupon peelies (see the green sticker on the Danimals?)  We eat A L O T of yogurt- so I bought quite a few.

The Franks Red Hot Sauce is for dan- it was $1.29- I had $.50 coupons that doubled- $.29 per bottle.  He loves the stuff.  Ick.
And this was a pretty good deal in my opinion.  Buy 4 Pillsbury italian breads- get 1 sargento cheese free.  I went in just to buy the two bags of cheese- so I figured what the heck.
$8- 4 breads
$4- 2 cheese
-$1.60 (2 $.40 cent coupons that doubled) for buy 2 pillsbury breads
-$.55 (buy two sargento cheese)
-$2 (marsh free bag of cheese promo)
$7.85 for all that- probably not the best deal in the world, but okay I suppose.

But my CVS trip- that made it all worthwhile.  I was pumped.  I was happy.  I was giddy like a kid at Christmas!  I live in a sad little world, I know.

They have a buy $15 in certain foods get a $5 cvs buck reward.  It's pretty good.  I'm gonna bust this one out item by item- but only because I was so stoked!

$6.68= 4 Ragu sauce- $1.67 each
$8.35= 5 Skippy peanut butter- $1.67 each
$13.32= 4 special k cereals
$6.98= 2 Loreal eye liners (for my mom) (75% off- originally $14.50 each!)
$.97= Dawn dish soap
$5.58= 2 gallons of Deans milk (not in picture- they are in the fridge already : )

Now- the coupons I used:
-$2 loreal make up
-$2 loreal make up
-$1 deans gallon of milk
-$1 deans gallon of milk
-$.75 wyb 2 ragu
-$.75 wyb 2 ragu
-$.95 Dawn dishsoap (was a $1 coupon, she adjusted down)
-$.50 any skippy peanut butter
-$.50 any skippy peanut butter
-$.50 any skippy peanut butter
-$.50 any skippy peanut butter
-$.50 any skippy peanut butter
-$1 wyb 3 kelloggs cereals
-$3.34 buy 1 get 1 free special K cereal (printed off internet)
-$4.49 buy 1 get 1 free special K cereal (not sure why this one rang through as more?)
-$3.99 extra care buck from last weeks mouthwash
-$5 extra care buck from last weeks cokes

TOTAL $13.60!!!!!

Plus I got back $4 in extra bucks for buying 3 kelloggs cereals and $5 for buying $15 in conagra foods! 
We don't eat special K cereal- I picked that up for the food bank.  All four boxes for $4.49- plus I got $4 back in cvs bucks- so that makes it $.49 for all four boxes really.

I still can't help but smile when I'm out and people say 'I bet you save a lot of money with all those coupons'.  Yeah, I sure do!

Plus- I made all three stops- purchased all that stuff- in just under an hour.  I was happy about that too!

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