Sunday, November 2, 2014

CVSing 11/2-11/8

You will notice as you shop more and more at CVS that the super great and frequent coupons they send to you via email or the magic coupon machine will begin to dwindle.  Sometimes weeks go by and all I get is a $.25 off indigestion medicine.  But this week I received a 25% off my shopping trip emailed coupon, so I drug myself out shopping today before it expired.

Final percentage off your shopping trip coupons are only good on non-sale and non-promotional items.  I will break it down below.  

Spend $30 earn a $10 gift card:
There are several items included in this sale, whitmans chocolates, m&m's, tostitos, sparkle paper towels, all detergent, huggies.  I have a baby shower this weekend so I went huggies.  
$11.99 huggies
$5.99 huggies (buy 1 get 1 50% off
$2.99 Tostitos (again- not a great deal but a needed item this week)
-$3 huggies printable q
-$1.50 huggies printable q
Paid $11.97.  Still need to spend $9.03 to earn my $10 gift card but I was in a hurry and decided to come back and finish later in the week.  I will probably finish up with 1 All detergent (and use a $1 mq) and 1 Sparkle paper towel (and use $.50 mq).

There are many deals to be had with this promotion so enjoy it.  I think I will either get cvs gift cards or itunes gift cards and tuck them away for christmas gifts.  

I can typically get free shampoo most of the time.  And one time I was able to do so with this stuff.  And I now love it.  Typically I still don't spend the money on it but today I did.
$9.29 shampoo
$4.64 shampoo (buy 1 get 1 50% off)
$9.29 shampoo
$4.64 conditioner (buy 1 get 1 50% off)
-$16 (4 $4 off 1 mq's)
$11.86 for all 4.
I will be honest, I thought that 25% was going to come off of the two full priced ones making it more like $6 for all 4.  But hey- I suppose it is alright.

Kotex $3.99, buy 1 and get $2 ecb.
I only had a $2/2 mq, so I bought 2.
$7.98, -$2 mq.  Paid $5.98, got $2 ecb.  Like paying $2 a box.  Not fabulous, but I was under a deep fog of mucus in my head and I did what I could.

I have no idea why this picture is upside down.
These are at the check outs and typically priced $1.77.  I have a friend of the family leaving on a mission trip and I thought these might be nice in her first aid kit, so I bought them.
6 Urgent RX at $1.50 each ($1.77 for 1 or 2/$3)= $9
-25% cvs q $2.25
-$5.31   3 buy 1 get 1 free manu q's that deducted $1.77 each
Paid $1.44 for all 6

Wow- not my day for great photos!  This is Physicians Formula mascara with a bonus 2nd mascara included free.
$10.49 Physicians formula
-$2.62 25% cvs q
$7.87 paid, earned $6 ecb when you spend $10 on physicians formula.  That's $1.87 for a 2 pack!

Revlon, spend $10 get $3 ecb
$9.99 lip gloss
-$2.50 25% cvs q
I had not one single manufacturer coupon, but I really wanted this lipgloss so I went for it
Paid $7.49, earned $3 ecb.  Like paying $4.29 for it.  (I don't recommend it, although the tube is cool, it has a weird taste and texture.  Boo!)

This right here made me dance a little dance!
Schick and Playtex, spend $25 get $10
Last week I received a $7 off 1 Schick Hydro Groomer cvs q from the magic coupon machine
Look how this panned out:
$15.49 Schick Hydro Groomer
$14.49 Schick Hydro Silk razors
$29.98, -7.50 cvs 25% q
-$7 cvs magic coupon machine q wyb schick groomer
-$5 printable q for schick hydro silk razors (printed a long time ago)
PLUS I found a $3/$10 shaving cvs q
Paid $7.48, and earned a $10 ecb.  $2.52 Money Maker!

$13.49 Benefiber (not a great deal, but something we needed)
-$3.37 25% cvs q
-$2 cvs magic coupon machine q wyb fiber
-$5 mq hang tag right on the bottle
$3.12 for a $13 bottle of fiber.  Not to shabby.

Sundown vitamins b1g1 free
$9.29 each- both for $9.29
-$2, 2 $2 mq's
$5.29 for both bottles
(again, I thought the 25% would come off the $9.29 because thats the full price but because it is buy 1 get 1 it did not work that way).  Still $2.60 for $9 vitamins?  Who's complaining.

Kids gummy multi vitamins b1 g1 free
$7.99 for both bottles
-$2, 2 $1 mq's
$5.99 total, $3 a bottle.

I did not get all the shopping done I wanted to, so I will try and stop by again later in the week.  Here is what I will get:
Milk $2.99 and earn $1 ecb (limit 2)
$9 more of something in the buy $30 get $10 so that I get my $10
Folgers coffee 2/$7 and Jiff peanut butter 2/$4- spend $12 and earn $4 ecb
Colgate spend $10 and get $5 ecb.  Not sure what coupons I have but I will look.
Applebees gift cards spend $50 and get $10 ecb.  Not a bad deal if you plan to eat there or gift this
Hershey Kisses are 2/$6, earn $3 ecb

Happy Shopping!

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