Wednesday, October 29, 2014

CVS Shopping 10/29/14

It was a quick stop today.  Just the best deals, except the cereal.  My store was out of cheerios and cocoa puffs, so I might try to stop another day before Saturday.  The great news is I scanned my card at the Magic Coupon Machine and I got a surprise $5 beauty club ecb!!!  If you haven't, be sure to ask the cashier to add the beauty club to your card when you check out- you will hit $50 more frequently than you ever thought possible now that you are a crazy couponer!

What did I buy:
$32 total before coupons
-$11.20 coupons
-$16.99 ecb from last weeks shop
$3.80 total amount paid
Earned $8.50 in ecb's for next week (plus I have some left over from last week!)

Fiber One Lemon Bars $2
-$.50 manu q

$4- 2 skittles $2 each
-$1/2 manu q
Paid $3, earned $1 ecb.  Like paying $1 a bag.

$3.76- 2 snack size hershey bar bags
-$1.10/2 manu q
-$1/2 cvs q
$1.66 total, $.83 a bag!

$3.76- 2 snack size twizzlers
-$1.60/2 printable manu q
$2.16 for both, $1.08 each bag

$3.49 Band Aids (Frozen themed, how cool!)
Paid $3.49, earned $2.50 ecb

$14.99 Revlon Face Powder
-$2 manu q
-$4/$12 magic coupon machine make up q
Paid $8.99, earned $5 ecb wyb $15 Revlon.  Like paying $3.99

And that is a wrap folks.  I didn't do the Jergens lotion because my store's started at $7.79 and I did not get the Loreal coupons in the sunday paper I was planning for that deal, so I switched it up to Revlon.

My candy cabinet is over flowing.  Its about time for Halloween to pass so we can start stocking up on something else!

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