Tuesday, October 14, 2014

CVS best deals week of 10/12-10/18/14

I'm a bit late again with my shopping list for CVS.  I will try to get a better system going : )

Here is what I am putting on my shopping list for CVS this week:

  • Spend $10 on Starbucks & Ghirardelli Chocolate and get $2 ecb.  

Starbucks Refreshers individual cans are $1.50 this week.  Use a $1 printable q here .  If you have multiple computers you can print that coupon twice from each one.  I'm not sure that I will get to the $10- but even $.50 for these is a nice price as they are quite tasty.
I don't want to overwhelm you- so if doing even just one.more.thing is too much scroll on past what I am about to say.  There is a program called Saving Star.  There is an app for your phone.  Each week/month there are offers.  Some are spend so much and earn so much.  Some are buy one and get $.XX.  You pick and choose what you want on your account.  When you get to an earned amount of at least $5 you can cash out as a check, into your paypal account, as an amazon gift card etc.  I typically allow mine to just grow all year and cash it out at either curriculum purchase time or Christmas.  And it does add up!  At CVS you can enter your extra care account number and it tracks for you automatically!!!!  You can also buy offers at Kroger and Meijer and Target....But you have to submit your receipt through photos so it is a bit more involved.  Right now there is an offer good through mid November that when you spend $20 on Starbucks items you earn $5.  Just putting that out there.  I might buy all $10 worth this week just knowing that before the expiration I will probably meet the other $10.

Back to business-

  • Nestle Mars Twizzlers Hersheys 2/$5 and earn $1ecb.

Buy two hersheys or kit kats
Use $1.50 manu q from 9/28 SS
OR Use $1.10/2 Hersheys printable manu q

AND Use $1/2 Hersheys CVS coupon 
 Two bags for $1.50 to $1.90 total after ecb.  Same deal as last week, but seriously?  Who can't store away another couple bags of candy?

  • Lancaster caramels are on sale for some price (sorry- I can't remember).  But there should be a $2 coupon from the magic coupon machine and there was a $1 coupon in the 9/14 ss.  Should make for a cheap bag of really great caramels.  Really really great caramels.  When I buy these I try not to open them so we won't inhale them- I use them in care packages.  Or I inhale them.

  • Gold emblem nuts, cheetos, tostitos tortilla chips, gatorade and various other snacks spend $20 get $5.

Nuts and chips are 2/$5.  If you bought $20 worth it would make them $1.87 each.  If I have any cvs q's I might do this.  Otherwise I probably am not going to tie up $20 in snacks.  But it is a good price especially for nuts.

  • Milk is $2.99 and earn $1 ecb.  I believe the limit is 2.  $2 gallons of milk- yes please.

  • Trident gum cups $2.99 and earn $1 ecb.

Use the $1 manu q in the 10/12 ss.
Plus I got some kind of a gum q from the magic coupon machine that might sweeten this.  At the worst it will be $1 for one of those big cups of gum.

  • Twizzlers B1G1 50% off.  I got a magic coupon machine q and I have a manu q I believe.  I will check this in store to see if it is a good deal or not.

  • Spend $15 on covergirl and earn $5 ecb.  

Use the $5/3 or $3/2 manu q's from the 10/12 rp.  Should make for some inexpensive make up.

  • Jergens lotion buy 2 earn $4.  This is the same deal as last week.  The smaller bottles of hand lotion that are just a few dollars were included last week!  My store was out but I will check again this week.

  • Tide Pods or Gain Flings $3.94.  

Use the $2 manu qu from the 10/12 rp.
$1.94 for Tide Pods!!!!


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