Friday, October 10, 2014

CVS shoppin 10/9/14

Good week for chocolate and paper towels and sodas.

Pardon my picture, this is my stack of paper towels and toilet paper I keep in the garage.  It makes me feel glamorous (and there is no where else to keep it).
$15- 3 packs of sparkle paper towels $5 each
-$3  3 $1 manu q's from an insert a few weeks ago
$12 paid, received $3 extra care bucks.  That is just $3 per package of 8, $.38 a roll!

Another embarrassing photo- but it is what it is.  Only 3 of these sodas are from this week.
$10   2 Sierra Mist and 1 Diet Dr. Pepper, 3/$10
-$2 sierra mist printable manu q
-$1 diet dr pepper printable manu q
$7 paid, received $2 extra care bucks.  $5 for all 3 12 packs

Nestle water packs $2.79.  Used a $1 printable q, paid $1.79

I totally missed this great deal but thankfully was told about it (you know who you are)
$7.08- 4 boxes of fruity pebbles $1.77 each
$2.88 Cafe Bustelo coffee
$2.88 Folgers coffee
-$5, 2 $2.50 off 2 post cereal when you buy coffee manu q's from a few weeks ago
$7.81 for 4 cereal and 2 coffee!

And here's the balance of what I bought:

Kudos- $1.77 each.  No coupons, no extra care bucks, just a good price.

$5.99 cvs 8 pack AA batteries, received $4 extra care bucks

Sleepy time tea $2.50, $1 manu q

$5, 2 kit kats $2.50 each
-$1/2 cvs printable q
-$1.10/2 printable manu q
Received $1 extra care buck wyb 2
$1.90 for two bags!!!  $.95 per bag

Playtex Tampons $8.79 each
3 boxes= $26.37
-$9, 3 $3 printable manu q's
-$4.28 magic coupon machine q, 20% off pads or tampons purchase (this isn't 20% but whatever)
$13.09 paid, received $10 extra care bucks wyb $25 playtex or schick.  Just $1 a box!

And that is a wrap.  After all my coupons and using all of last weeks extra care bucks I earned (and it was a bunch!) I paid $21.28 cash out of pocket and received back $20 in extra care bucks for next week.  PLUS- I reached the $50 beauty club spending thresh hold again so I will be getting another $5 beauty extra care buck any day.

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