Sunday, October 19, 2014

CVS Shopping 10/19-10/25

Here are my must do deals for this week at CVS.  You can decide if they are the right prices for your shopping.  Keep in mind there might be other things that you find to be a great deal too- the full shopping list is always over at 

CVS Easy Fiber or CVS Easy Fiber Liquid Coffee Creamer (I'm assuming this is in the refrigerated cases) is $9.99 and you earn $9.99 ecb.  FREE

Durex personal lubricant (yes I'm blushing) (but hey, still a good deal) $9.99.  Use a $5 manu q from the 10/19 ss and earn $4.99 ecb.  FREE
Yes I am still embarrassed.  I feel like a third grader.

Huggies Diapers spend $20 and earn $5 ecb.  Use the $3 manu q from the 10/19 ss or print a $3 q here when you share with friends.

Candy- yes more candy.  But this soon will be over and the Christmas candy sales are not need as good or as frequent so picking up a few extra bags of non-halloween marked invidual candies is a good item to stuff in a cabinet for later.
Reeses, Snickers, Kit Kat, Butterfinger, Twix- buy 5 for $15 and earn $5 ecb.
Use $1.50/3 manu q from the 10/19 ss or the $1/2 Mars printable plus the $1/2 CVS printable
You should end up getting all five bags for just $6.50 after coupons and extra care bucks.

Progresso Soup 2 for $3 (2/$3) and earn $1 ecb.  Use the $.50/2 manu q from the 10/19 ss.

Bounty & Charmin spend $30 get $10 ecb.  Buy 3 at $9.99 and even though you are shy of the $30 your ecb will still print.  Use the $1.50/3 manu q from the 10/12 rp.  I probably won't buy this at this time because I have lots of sparkle from the last sale.  But if I were running low I would certainly take advantage.

Physicians Formula spend $10 and earn $7 ecb.  Another chance for some inexpensive really nice make up.

Dove soap mens formula spend $15 and earn $5 ecb.  There were $2 manu q in the 9/28 rp.  Not sure of the final cost but should make for some super reasonable soap.

Conair Curls N Curls Curling Iron 5/8" $9.99 and earn $10 ecb   FREE

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