Sunday, October 5, 2014

CVS week of 10/5/14

Alright ladies, I think either there are not many super deals this week or I am just flat out too tired to hunt them down.

Don't forget, you can always check in at hip2save and get the weekly cvs match up.  She lists out everything and you can pick through what interests you.  This is what I jotted down on my list for the week:

Nestle/Mars fun size candy bags, 2/$5 and earn $1 extra care buck.  $1.50/2 manuq 9/28ss PLUS print this $1/2 cvs q.  After your $2.50 in coupons and your $1 ecb, you will pay $1.50 for 2 bags.

Sparkle paper towels 3/$15 and earn $3 extra care buck.  $1 manu q 9/14rp, or there is $1 printable here.  I filled out the form and then my laptop went wonky and I couldn't print it.  Boo.  After coupons and ecb's it is just $9 for 3 6packs of paper towels- $.50 roll!

Jergens lotions, buy 2 and get $4 ecb.  $1.50 manu q 10/5ss.  There is a pump variety that should be around 2/$8.  Makes them $.50 each!

Right Guard and Dry Idea Deodorant, 2/$6 and earn $2 ecb.  Use $2/2 manuq 10/5rp, makes them $1 each.  Typically I find deodorant for free, but lately those aren't springing up.  So this might be as good as it gets for a while.

CVS diapers 2/$10 and earn $3 ecb.  Just $3.50 a pack.  Obviously I don't need these, but wanted to mention it.

CVS batteries- 10 pack AA or AAA plus others, $5.99 and earn $4 ecb.  $1.99 for a pack!

Sierra Mist 2 liters $.99.  There will be a $.24 cvs magic coupon machine q.  Plus there is a $1/2 printable coupon here.  $25 for one 2 liter, $.50 for others.  Nice price.

Playtex tampons spend $25 get $10 ecb.  Use the $3 printable coupon (you will need two computers to print 3, limit of 2 per computer). If you buy 3, it will be around $27.  Use 3 $3 coupons, and earn $10 ecb, makes each box about $3 or so.

That's all I have.  I will post when I actually go shop and let you know what I dig up.  Happy shopping!

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