Wednesday, October 15, 2014

CVS shopping 10/15/14


Just got home from CVS.  There is a rhyme and reason to my madness.  But some weeks I can't remember what it is.  But among the chaos I decided to suck it up and do my shopping.  This is the stuff that great deals are made of.

Shop totals:
$71.40 before taxes.
-$35.70 in coupons
-$21 extra care bucks from last weeks purchases
$14.70 paid
Earned $16 in extra care bucks for next week!

$2.99 CVS Ibuprofen (this is not a great deal this week- just a necessity)
-$1 cvs brand ibuprofen magic coupon machine coupon
$2.99 Trident gum cup
-$1 manu q from 10/12 coupons
$1.99 paid, earned $1 extra care buck.  Like paying $.99
$3.99 Lancaster Carmels
-$2 magic coupon machine coupon off 1 bag
-$1 manu q.   Like paying $.99


$9.29 covergirl jumbo lip gloss
$6.29 covergirl smoochies lip gloss
-$3/2 covergirl lipgloss manu q from 10/12 coupons
-$2/$10 covergirl cosmetics magic coupon machine q
$10.58 paid.  Earned $5 extra care buck wyb $15 covergirl.  Like paying $5.58 for both.  Not the best deal I've ever seen, but I really wanted some new lip stuff.

This deal is just nuts.  I still can't believe it.
2/$5 Kit Kats
2/$5 Twizzlers
$10 total
-$3/3 bags of twizzlers or Hershey magic coupon machine q from a few weeks ago
-$1.50 off 3 bags of candy from magic coupon machine q (printed today)
-$1.60 off 2 twizzlers manu q printable
-$1.10 off 2 Hersheys manu q printable
-$1 off 2 hersheys cvs printable q
(that's $8.20 in coupons!)
Paid $1.80 and earned $1 extra care buck.  $.80 for all 4 bags!!!!  This is the reason any time there is a request anywhere for donations of candy (like our church's upcoming harvest hoe down) I can always donate some, and several at that!

I really didn't think I was going to do this.  But then the starbucks $1 refresher printable coupon reset and I was allowed to print 4 more of them from our two computers.

$10.50- 7 cans at $1.50 each
-$7, 7 $1 printable manu q's
Paid $3.50, received $2 extra care buck.  Like paying $1.50 for all 7.  PLUS I earned $10.50 credit toward the spend $20 get $5 saving star promotion (read my previous post to learn about saving star).

This wasn't on my shopping list.  Ally has developed a congestion/cold/ear/drainage thing and so I decided I would do this while there.  These items were all buy $25 and get $7 ecb, plus buy 1 get 1 50% off.  It didn't play out like I thought it would, I assumed like products would deduct the 50%.  But whatever.

$7.79 Alka Seltzer Plus cold
$2.79 aleve 24 ct (50% off)
$8.79 Alka Seltzer Plus severe cold
$3.99 aleve 50 ct (50% off)
$1.99 alkaseltzer heart burn relief chews (needed to get to $25)
$25.35 total
-$4, 2 $2 manu q for alkaseltzer cold
-$4, 2 $2 manu q for aleve
-2.50 aleve magic coupon machine q
$14.85 total paid.  Received $7 extra care buck.  Like paying $7.85 for all.
PLUS- there is a saving star deal for certain aleve and alka seltzer and some of these will go toward that $5 rebate when you spend $25 on bayer products.  I really think all of this will apply to that but I'm not certain.

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