Friday, November 21, 2014

CVS shopping trip outcome 11/21/14

So here is the outcome for this weeks shop:

$89.08 total before coupons
-$18.40 coupons
-$10 cvs gift card earned last week
-22.49 last weeks ecb's earned
$38.19 paid, earned $28.50 in ecb's for next week

$3.94 Tide Pod
$3.94 Tide Pod
$5- 2 Hershey Kiss 2/$5
$8.99 Covergirl Mascara
$8.99 Covergirl Mascara
$30.86 total
-$2 tide mq (manufacturer coupon from a previous sunday's coupon insert)
-$2 tide mq
-$1/2 hershey kiss mq
-$1/2 cvs printable hershey kiss q
-$2.50 covergirl mascara mq
-$2.50 covergirl mascara mq
$19.86 paid, earned a $10 cvs gift card for spending $30 on included items.  PLUS, I will save the receipt and the upc's from the Covergirl mascara for the Proctor and Gamble spend $50 and get a $15 rebate!!!
$10- 6 jars of Ragu on sale 3/$5
-$.60/2 ragu mq
-$.60/2 ragu mq
-$.60/2 ragu mq
-$.60/2 ragu mq
$7.60 paid, earned a $3 ecb (extra care buck) wyb (when you buy) $10 selected items
I really wanted the skippy peanut butter, but my store was out.  Pasta Sauce is good too I suppose.  Makes each jar $.77.

These Scunci bags of 5 packs of hair items were on an end of the shampoo aisle, not with the hair accessories.  This week when you spend $8 on Scunci hair items, you get a $4 extra care buck.  These bags were $2.99!!!!  
$8.97- 3 bags at $2.99 each, Earned a $4 ecb.
I bought these to split up into the shoe boxes we are making for the kids at the baptist center.  Lots of great headbands, pony tail holders and hair clips!

$1.50 Toblerone bar
$1.50 Toblerone bar
(These are the big ones located in the candy aisle with the huge candy bars!  They weren't marked on sale but when I scanned them they came up 2/$3.)
$3 total
-$1/2 Toblerone mq
$2 total- just $1 each!

$1.50 CVS Glucose tabs, earned $1.50 ecb  FREE

$2.79 Acne Free cleanser (all Acne Free products on sale for $4 off), earned a $2 ecb    $.79!!!

$17.97 Duracell batteries $5.99 each.  Spend $15 get $5 ecb.  Makes them $12.97 for 3 packs, $4.32 each.  There were $.50 mq's but I didn't clip them.  My main reason for buying these was to go toward the Saving Star deal.  The tide pods go toward it too.  It was a spend $30 and earn $10.  

If you are not using saving star, download the app to your phone and give it a whirl.  You put your CVS card number in their system and you clip the deals you want and it tracks it for you.  When you hit $10 or $20, you cash it out.  As in real cash.  Just a little something extra that's easy to use.  You can use it at other stores too, but you typically have to photocopy your receipts if you do.

$5- 2 dial soap 2/$5
-$1/2 dial mq
-$1/5 soap purchase magic coupon machine q
$3 paid, earned $1 ecb.  Makes them $1 a pack.
I am the least proud of this deal.  It made sense at the time, not so much now.
$6- 2 oreos $3 each
-$.50 printable oreo mq
-$.50 printable orea mq
-$1/5 cookie purchase magic coupon machine q
$2.99 deans milk
$6.99 paid, earned $2 ecb when you buy all 3

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