Sunday, November 23, 2014

Up with the chickens! CVS 11/23

If you have yet to try out cvs couponing, this is your week to start!!!!  These sales are good through wednesday but I would encourage you to go early today if possible (I set my alarm and went before church!).  You will be able to get 100% back in extra care bucks for lots of items today.  And if you have already begun cvs couponing, then this is a great week to roll those extra care bucks into free stuff!!!!

$1.50 Combos- get $1.50 ecb  FREE!
$.99 Green Giant Veggies- get $.99 ecb FREE!  (you can do this 2 times)
$1.50 Starbucks Double Shot Espresso- get $1.50 ecb  FREE!
$1.50 Vitamin Water- get $1.50 ecb  FREE!
$.99 Kraft Mac & Cheese- get $.99 FREE!
$2.49 Belvita breakfast cookies, get $1 ecb.  $1.49!!!
$10 2 bags of Gevalia at 2/$10, get $5 ecb   $2.50 a bag!!!
$3.99 Kraft Parmesan Cheese, get $3 ecb   $.99!!!

$.79 Mars single- get $.79 ecb  FREE!
$.79 Hershey single- get $.79 ecb FREE!
$1.50 Sour Patch Kids theater box- get $1.50 ecb FREE!
$1.29 Sour Patch Gum- get $1.29 ecb  FREE!
$1 Wrigleys 5 gum- get $1 ecb  FREE!
$5- 2 bags of Mars minis or Dove promises 2/$5, use 1/$2 mq- get $1 ecb    $1.50 a bag!
$6- 2 bags Hershey Kisses 2/$6, used 1/2 mq + 1/2 cvs q- buy 2 get $2 ecb,  makes them $1 a bag!
$3.99 Pot of Gold chocolates- get $2 ecb, makes them $1.99 each (you can do this 2 times)

TOOTH CARE (you'll need if after all that free candy)
$2.99 Colgate Total, -$.50 mq and -$2.49 magic coupon machine q   FREE!
$5.99 Spin Brush, -$2 printable mq, earn $3 ecb- makes it $.99 (you can do this 2 times!)
$2.99 Listerine mouthwash or floss, used $1 printable mq, get $2 ecb  FREE!

$6.99 Revlon Lipstick, -$2 printable cvs q, earn $4 ecb-   Makes it $.99!
$4.99 Revlon nail polish, -$2 printable cvs q, earn $3 ecb-  FREE!

$9.99 Tricalm, earn $9.99 ecb  FREE!
$.99 Advil 4ct, earn $.99 ecb FREE!
$1.49 Robitussin medi soothers, used $1/1 mq, earned $1.49 ecb    $1 MONEY MAKER!
$5.79 Rescue Gum, earn $5.79 ecb   FREE!
$.99 Migralex, earn $.99 ecb  FREE!

$.99 2 pack training pants, get $.99 ecb  FREE (not pictured)
$.99 20 ct baby wipes, get $.99 ecb  FREE
$.99 CVS Pantiliners, get $.99 ecb FREE!
$1.79 small bottle of laundry soap, get $1.79 ecb FREE (not pictured)

Typically I would never ask the cashier to ring my items in more than one transaction, but with so many items available for full extra care bucks, I had to split mine up into 3 transactions.  That way I could roll some of the ecb's I earned into some of the other items I was buying.

Total Products $108.43
-Coupons -$16
-Extra Care Bucks used -$86.35
Less than $10 for all items pictured, plus I have $16 for next time in ecb left over.

(In all fairness, I did buy a few other things that ran my cash out of pocket up like a box of christmas lights we just needed, 3 cases of sodas that weren't the best deal but with the holidays I decided to grab them, and $12 in first aid stuff that did earn me $4 ecb extra but was not that great of a deal).

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