Sunday, September 14, 2014

CVS 9/14-9/20/14

Here is my shopping plan for this week at CVS.

Yes- I do shop there every.single.week.  That is how I have found the true savings work, I roll last weeks cvs bucks into this weeks purchases.  This weeks roll into next weeks.  Like a giant ball of rolling coupons.

Buy $30 get a $10 extra care buck:
2 Scott Toilet Paper $6.99 each
3 Scott Paper Towels $5.49 each
$30.45 total
-$1 X 2 Scott TP mq from sundays coupon inserts
-$.75 X 3 Scott Paper Towel mq from sundays coupon inserts
$26.20 total- earn a $10 EB. 

Covergirl Makeup spend $15 earn $5 extra care bucks.
I have 3 $2.50 off 2 manufacturer coupons PLUS I have a CVS coupon machine q for $3 off $10 covergirl.  I'm unsure of the price, but I think I am going to focus on the glosstini finger nail polishes, I believe they are $4 each or so.  So if I bought 4 it would be $16, less 2 mq's -$5, less my cvs q -$3, earn $5 for spending $15 before coupons.  Makes it $3 for them.  Or something similar.

Milk $2.99, earn $1 extra care buck.

Colgate mouthwash $5.99, earn $2 extra care buck.
-$2 mq from 9/14 smart source (ss)
I will buy 2, use 2 mq's, plus a $2/$10 cvs machine q, I will pay $6 and earn $4 extra care bucks ($2 each)- makes it just $1 per bottle.

I'm kind of discouraged that we are on week 2 of basically nothing for really a super great deal.  But hang in there, maybe next week will be better!

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