Friday, September 19, 2014

CVS 9/12-9/21/14

CVS- late shopping week again this week.  I apologize, my plan is to get it up earlier for you every week but somehow the time just zooms right by.  If you do nothing else this week but pick up your free toothbrushes, I would encourage you to do so.  That is how you can slowly build up a nice supply of items for your family!
Cost before coupons:  $75.34
Cost after coupons: $45.34
Less last weeks extra care bucks -$24.50
Paid $20.84 plus sales tax
Earned $28 in extra care bucks
Every week I shop at cvs.  Therefore I always save my extra care bucks to roll to the next weeks deal.  It helps to keep my cash out of pocket down.  This week was kind of expensive, but I was able to stock up on toilet paper and that is never a bad thing- right?
(I really tried to get an angle on the picture to keep ally out- she is persistent if nothing else : )
Here is what I bought:
$6.98, 2 at $3.49 Colgate Tooth brush
-$4, 2 $2 manu q's from last weekends paper
Paid $2.98,
Earned $4 ecb, $2 for each toothbrush (limit 2 per card)
$5.99 Colgate mouthwash
-$2 manu q from last weekends paper
-$2 off $10 oral care purchase magic coupon machine q (had $13 with toothbrushes)
Paid $1.99
Earned a $2 ecb (limit of 2 per card)
Spend $30 and earn a $10 CVS giftcard-
$6.99 each, $27.96 4 Scott Toilet Paper (only one shown. Really wanted to mix it paper towels and toilet paper but they were out of paper towels)
$1.99 colgate toothpaste
$29.95 (not quite $30 but but cvs bucks print as long as you are at least 98%)
-$4, 4 $1 scott toilet paper mq's from last sundays paper
-$1 colgate q printed from
$24.95 paid- earned a $10 cvs giftcard.  Like paying $14.95.
$5, 2 kit kats at $2.50 each
-$1 manu q off 2 kit kats
Paid $4,
Earned a $1 ecb wyb (when you buy) 2- makes them $1.50 per bag
Spend $15 on covergirl earn $5
$3.99 each, $15.96 for 4 covergirl polishes
- $5, 2 $2.50 off 2 mq's from 8/31 proctor and gamble insert
-$2 off $10 covergirl cvs magic coupon machine coupon last week
$8.96 paid, earned $5 extra care buck.  Makes them $1 each
$10.50 bandaids, 3 at $3.50 each
-$1.50 off 2 bandaids mq from a package insert a while back
-$1 off $5 in bandaids purchase from magic coupon machine
Paid $8
Earned $4 extra care bucks when you buy $10 in bandaids
Gold emblem cashews- buy 1 get one free
$6.29 for both
-$1.50 magic coupon machine q off nuts
$4.79 for both (not a great deal, but a nice one)
$2.99 gallon of milk
Earned $1 extra care buck.  $1.99 for a gallon of milk!  And you can buy up to 2 per card.
$.99 7up 2 liter
-$.30 magic coupon machine q
$.69 for a 2 liter.
Tena pads- $6.99, -$5 manu q
No special sale price, but I wanted to use the last $5 manu q I had before it expired.  My mom uses these so I wanted to take advantage of it for her.

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