Monday, September 29, 2014

Shopping at CVS 9/28-10/4/14

I have scanned the hip2save CVS shopping list and here is what I want to make sure not to miss this week:

Select candy products spend $15 and earn $5 extra care bucks
M&M's 2/$6, use $1.50/2 printable coupon (don't forget, after you print once- press the back button 3 times and you can print it again!)
+ various other candies like Mars bitesize and Hersheys 6 pack singles ($1/2 printable here)
If you bought 4 bags of M&M's and 4  pack singles you would have $16, less 2 of each printable coupon linked here -$5, Pay $11 and get $5 back.  $6 total.

Nexus Haircare, spend $20 and earn $10 extra care bucks
I have found shampoos and conditioners around $10 each in the past.  Although this is quite expensive, I have purchased these and given them as gifts in a nice basket with hair ties or whatnot in the past.  Plus the magic coupon machine gave me a $3 or $4 off any Nexus product a week ago.  So that makes it even better.

Crest Sensitive Toothpaste, $4.79, earn $3 extra care buck (limit 2 per card)
Use the $1.50 manufacturer q in the 9/28 proctor & gamble (pg) insert
$.29 per tube- and you can buy 2 at this price!  This will be even better if you have any cvs coupon machine q's off oral care (I do!)

Colgate toothbrush $3.49, earn $2 extra care bucks (limit 2 per card)
Use the $1 manufacturer q in the 9/28 SS (smart source) insert
$.49 per toothbrush- another nice pairing with those cvs q's for oral care

Maybelline make up, spend $15 and earn $5 extra care bucks
Mascara is around $6, use the $1 manu q from the 9/7 rp (red plum).  If you buy 3, $18.  Plus use the 3 $1 q's, -$3, PLUS!  This week at cvs when you scan your card at the magic coupon machine you will get a $5 off $15 make up coupon.  Which means you will pay around $10 and earn $5 extra care bucks.  $5 for 3 mascaras?  Yes please.

Physicians formula make up is spend $10 and earn $7 extra care bucks.
Another great opportunity to get some really nice make up for cheap.

Fructis Shampoo/Conditioner $3.  Use the $2 manu q in the 9/7 rp (red plum). $1 for nice shampoos!

Nature Made Vitamins- Buy 1 get one free
Remember, you can use a manu q on each item, even though one is free!
Vita Melts run around $6.49.  Buy two for $6.49ish total.
Use 2 $2.50/1 printable coupons and pay just $1.49 or so for two nice vitamins!  I love the B12 and the Zinc personally!

All Laundry soap $3.99, earn $1 extra care buck (limit 1)
Use the $1 off 1 manu q in the 9/28 rp, $1.99 for a jug of laundry soap

Aveeno lotions, washes, etc. buy 3 get $10 extra care bucks
$3/2 printable coupon
$2 off handcream coupon
I bet we can cook up some kind of deal here

Proctor and Gamble items spend $25 and earn $5 extra care bucks
Tide $5.94, $2 manu q in 9/28 PG
Covergirl b1g1 50% off
Pantene shampoo 3/$10, $4/2 printable q  or $5/3 manu q 9/28 PG
Pampers $8.99, $1.50 manu q 9/28 PG
Dawn Dishsoap $.99, $.50 manu q 9/28 PG
Man there are some good deals to be cooked up here.  Here is a sample
2 Tide, 11.88
4 Pantene $13.33
-2 $2 tide, -$4
-2 $4/2 pantene, -$8
$13.21 total.  Earn $5 extra care buck.  $8.21 for two detergents and 4 shampoos/conditioners!  Not free, but a a good deal!

Happy Shopping!  I'll post my shop when I go!

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