Sunday, December 21, 2014

12/21-12/27/14 CVS

It is not a huge list of stuff this week- but man the deals that are there are great!

$9.99 Axe gift set. Buy 1 get $2 ecb.  There was a $2 mq a few weeks ago.  $5.99 for a gift set!!!  
My store was out of them, but maybe you will have better luck.

2/$5 Hershey Kisses, buy 2 get $2 ecb.  Used $1/2mq.  Paid $4 and got $2 ecb.  $1 a bag!  (Don't get too sick of hershey kisses, they are always a great replacement for chocolate chips and you can't beat the price!)

$3.49 character Band-Aids.  Buy 1 get $2.50 ecb.  $.99!!!

$10 CVS oral products get $10 ecb!!!!!  Mix it up, get mouthwash, flossers, brushes, etc.  I got whitening strips.  They were $13.49, got $10 ecb.  $3.49!  The ecb didn't print for me, but the shelf was tagged so they just printed it for me.  But my friend did mouthwash and it printed no problem.

$.99 Kleenex.  I used a $.50/3 mq and a $1/2 cvs q from a mailer.  Paid $1.50 for 3 boxes, submitted for a $.75/3 Ibotta offer.  $.75 for all 3!

$6.58 2 Revlon eye shadow links at $3.29 each.  Buy 2 Revlon products, get $5 ecb.  $1.58 for both, $.77 each!

$17.58 2 Almay mascaras at $8.79 each.  Buy $12 get $4 ecb.  Used $1/2 mq.  PLUS I used a $3 off any Almay cvs magic coupon machine q AND a $7/$15 Almay cvs magic coupon machine q.  PLUS I used a $3/$10 Foundation or Mascara cvs magic coupon machine q.  Paid $3.58 and got a $4 ecb!!!  I made $.42 buying really nice mascara!!!!

$14.49 Physicians Formula face powder.  Buy $14 get $10 ecb.  $4.49 for high end face powder.  Man am I gonna be beautiful after this weeks deals!

$17.58 Maybeline cream blush, 1 was $8.29 and 1 was $9.29.  Buy $15 get $5 ecb.  Not a great deal by any means, but this item was on Ally's Christmas list and these are going in her stocking.

Keep your eyes peeled for these paper towels.  At my store they were on an end cap.  The manager saw me come in and gave me a heads up that they were 90% off, $.19 per roll!!!!  Not sure if this is across the board or just my store, but worth looking for either way.

Merry Christmas.  Thanks for checking in, hope that this info is somewhat helpful.

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