Thursday, December 11, 2014

Cvs 12/7-12/13/14

Late getting this to you........sorry
I somehow received a 20% off my purchase cvs q in the mail this week.  Yay!!  I don't get these very often so I was very excited!!!  The 20% does not come off sale prices, but it has been my experience that if an item is full price and you earn extra cake bucks that it will deduct the 20%.
Didn't buy a whole lot this week.
2 Hershey big bags $5 each
4 Hershey bars $1.50 each (not a great price but Emily needs them for a craft)
$16 total.  
-$1/2 mq
-$2/$10 cvs magic coupon machine q
$13 paid, earned $5 ecb. $8 total, not fabulous but Emily wants to make little sleighs and these were needed.

2 physicians formula matte eye shadow $6.49 each.
$12.98 total
-$2.60 20% cvs q
-$3 phys formula cvs magic coupon machine q that printed a week or so ago
$7.38 paid.  Earned a $10 ecb MADE $2.62!!!!

2 cover girl eyeshadows $6.79 each
-$2.78 cvs 20% q
-$1.50 cover girl mq
-$1.50 cover girl mq
$7.80 paid.  $5 ecb earned.
Will save to submit for the spend $50 get $15 Procter and gamble rebate.

2 Schick men's disposable razors $13.49 each
$26.98 total
-$3/$10 cvs magic coupon machine q
-$13.49 printable Schick b1g1 free mq
$5.09 paid, earned $10 ecb.  I MADE $4.91!!!

2 York peppermint patties 2/$6
-$1 mq
$5 paid, earned $2 ecb

Pretty good shopping week!

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