Sunday, January 11, 2015

A day late and a dollar short

So I didn't manage to get a blog post up last week.........I am so sorry.  I did manage to make it to cvs early Saturday morning though.  Here is what I bought:
Fiber one bars, 3/$7 (I think?) get $2 ecb. Used 2 .50 mq's (wish I had a 3rd).  Paid $4 for 3 boxes.

Colgate toothbrushes $2.99, get $2 ecb. Used 2 $.50 mq's, made each brush $.49.

Cvs brand stuff spend $15 get $5.  I bought a bunch of whole fruit twists and raisins and stuff that were $1.99 each. 

Schick razors spend $25 get $10ecb.  I bought two intuition razors $13.29. Used the printable b1g1 free q from a while back.  Paid $13.29, got $10 ecb.  $3.29 for two great razors!

Nature made melt vitamins $8.29 get $5 ecb.  Used a $2 mq. $1.29- I got vitamin c.

Make up spend $15 get $5. I bought a foundation for $12 and an eyeshadow for $4.29 (buy 1 get 1 50% off).  $16.29 less a magic coupon machine q for $3 off any one almay PLUS a magic coupon machine q for $7 off $15 almay. Paid $6.29 and earned a $5 ecb.  $1.29!!!

A whole slew of health stuff was spend $20 get $6.  This was a limit of one, but I had two of those great $10/3 coupons from last Sundays paper so here is what I did:
Fiber gummy $17.29
Fiber gummy $8.62 (b1g1 50% off)
Aleve $10
Aleve $5 (b1g1 50% off)
Bayer $2.99
Bayer $2.99
-$10/3 mq
-$10/3 mq
-$5/15 vitamins magic coupon machine q
-$2 aleve magic coupon machine q
$19.89 paid, earned $6ecb.
That's like $13.89 for all that!!!  That is less than the one bottle of fiber funnies that I was needing to buy in the first place!!!

Sorry it's so late- I will try to get this weeks deals up sooner for you!!!!

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