Friday, January 23, 2015

CVS 1/18-1/24/15, here's what I bought

Paid $29.74.  
Earned $26 in extra care bucks.  
Saved $183.03 (per my receipt, not all in coupons), which was 84%.  
Acutal coupons used -$75.78.  (I had a big razor and deodorant q's)
CVS 25% off full price items -$15.  
Extra Care Bucks rolled from last week -$15.
Don't forget, each week I go to and she lists the next weeks sales and applicable coupons.  I am not going to relist them all here because it takes a TON of time.  But here is a link to this weeks list.  If there are printable coupons available she puts a link right in the list.  She also lists what insert coupons are available.

$2.94 Tide Simply.  Used $2 mq.  $.94 a jug!
$3.94 Tide Pods.  Used a $2 mq.  $1.94 a package.
3/$7 Kelloggs & General Mills Cereals.  Used $1/2.  Paid $6, got $2 ecb.  $1.33 a box.
3/$12 Speedstick Deodorant.  Used 1 b1g1 free q and 1 $2 mq.  Paid $6, earned $6 ecb.  Free.
$.99 Palmolive Dish Soap. Used 2 $.50 mq and 1 $.24 cvs mcm q.  $.25 for one.  $.49 for the other.
$.99 Mountain Dew.  Used $.25 cvs mcmq.  Paid $.74
$15.96 4 cans of nuts $3.99 each. Used $1.50/$4 Nut cvs mcmq and $2/$10 Nut cvs mcmq.  Paid $12.96, earned $5 ecb wyb $15 cvs brand.  $7.96 for 4 cans of nuts.
$10.29 Schick intuition razor and $9.96 schick intuition razor.  Used b1g1 free mq, deducted $13.99. 25% cvs q deducted $5 since these were full price.  Used $3/$10 shaving items mcm q.  Received $4 ecb for buying schick razor.  I made $5.74!!!!!  (yes this is a tricky deal to work out, but it happens at cvs so it's awesome to keep your eyes peeled for these kind of scenarios.  It's made by stacking your coupons- mcm q's, mq's and store q's)
$3.49 colgate toothbrush, used $.50 mq.  Paid $2.99 and earned a $2 ecb.  Made it $.99.  Limit 2, I bought 2.
$3.29 pack of 3 cvs tooth brushes.  (we had a melt down over a lost dentist black toothbrush, I owed this to a certain young man.)  25% q deducted $.82.  With the 2 tooth brushes and these, I also used a $3/$10 oral care q.  With the $4 ecb earned on the 2 colgate, it made all three packs $1.45.
$9.79 Nature Made gummy vitamins, b1g1 free.  Used TWO $2/1 mq's (because at CVS you can use a q on a free item).
$7 Sun Down gummy vitamin (rain check- but these are b1g1 free this week so still a good deal).  Used a $3/1 mq and earned $3 ecb.
On these two vitamins I used a 3/$15 vitamin mcm q and a $2/2 cvs mailer q wyb 2 nature made q.
Paid $4.79, earned $3 ecb from sundown rain check.
$7.99 maybeline mascara
$3.99 maybeline mascara (b1g1 50% off)  Used 2 $2 mq's plus a $4/$15 maybeline mcm q's. Paid $3.98 (just realized I wasn't at $15 but the coupon scanned, oops).  Earned $5 ecb wyb $15 beauty items.  I had carry over from last week so I only needed to spend about $10 to get the $5.  Yes, you heard that right, this deal is not resetting each week and your previous spending carries over.
$5.79 Axe shower gel.  -$1 mq, -$1.45 25% cvs q plus -$2.90 50% Axe mcm q.  Made this $.44.  I didn't even realize it was that great of a deal.  Woohoo.

I didn't mean to spend as much out of pocket, but the deals were good so I did.  There is no denying that I have stocked up on some hygiene items and vitamins!

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