Monday, October 10, 2011

My 10/9 shopping trip

CVS:   $.29
 $6.93        7 2liters of Pepsi product at $.99 (there is a limit of 5, I had to ring 2 up by themselves)
$10            4 bags of M&M's at $2.50 each
$7.98         2 covergirl eye shaddws at $3.99 each
$2.97         3 American Greeting cards at $.99 each
$27.89 total

-$1 mq wyb 2 sierra mist
-$1 mq wyb 2 sierra mist
-$.55 mq pepsi zero
-$.55 mq pepsi zero
-$1.50 mq wyb 2 M&M's
-$1.50 mq wyb 2 M&M's (if you still have your pretzel m&m coupons for $1 off per bag- this would be a good week to use them)
-$1.50 cvs magic coupon machine coupons- 3 @ $.50 each that printed last week
-$8 mq wyb 2 covergirl face products
-$3 cvs magic coupon machine coupons- save $3 off cosmetics (printed yesterday, yay!)
-$1 mq wyb 2 cheez it's
-$1 mq wyb 2 cheese it's
$7.29 Total, received back $3 CVS buck wyb 3 american greeting cards, $3 CVS buck wyb $10 in m&m/mars products, $1 CVS buck wyb 4 cheese it's/keebler cookies.  (I rolled extra care bucks from last week into my transaction too, so my out of pocket was just a couple dollars.  I will save this weeks extra care bucks to roll into next week.)

Walgreens:  FREE
I did three transactions to buy all six.  These are on sale for $.99 and you receive a $1 reward wyb 2.  I used the $1 wyb 2 Halls mq from mid september.  I paid $1.06, got $1 reward back.  So I guess technically they are $.03 per bag because of tax.  But I know when sore throats come creeping through our house this time, I will be SOOOO glad to have some of these tucked away in the cabinet!

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Together We Save said...

Wow - that is an amazing shopping trip!!