Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Are you wondering what I'm buying this week?  No pictures I'm afraid- too busy,stressed,tired to bother to take any.  I know- looser.

Kelloggs cereals 3/$7- I had a couple different coupons.  Not the best sale in the universe, but we were out of cereal so I grabbed a few boxes so that my kids will stop their complaining.
W ultrathin pads $2, get $2 register reward
Hefty ziplocks b1g1, $1 off 2 manu q's- makes them about $1.09 per box!
Halloween plastic cups 8/$1- I'm using these for an upcoming room party

Folgers coffee $3.49, $1 manu q's
Wisk laundry soap $4.99, $2 manu q's from Sunday's paper.  PLUS when you spend $30 on certain items you get a $10 gift card.  So if I buy 6 just of detergent, and use 6 coupons, I will pay $18 and get a $10 giftcard back.  That's just over $1 per just for laundry detergent.  There are lots of items included though- batteries, diapers, dishsoap.  It's  a good time to see what coupons you have for items you use.

Duracell 16 packs of AA or AAA batteries $9.99 with 100% rewards.  I bought a pack of both and will get 100% back in a couple months. 

Meijer has had a pretty nifty sale this week that ends today.  Things I found interesting were the 10/10 with the 11th free stuff- I always love to match coupons up for this.  Kleenex, sierra mist 2 liters, tostinos pizza rolls, grands biscuits.  Plus- their Sea Pack frozen seafood is on sale for $4.99.  I bought 1 popcorn shrimp $4.99 and 1 fish balls $4.99 and used $1 manu q and $5 manu q wyb shrimp.  Made it $4 for both packages!  My total at Meijer was over $100 and I paid just over $40 out of pocket.  GREAT shopping trip in my opinion.

I am hoping for a good Kroger sale next week though.  I've got a $5 off a $50 purchase coupon from my entertainment book I need to use and we are getting LOW on a few items in our home, Ketchup included.  As you can imagine, that is like an EMERGENCY in a home with three kids!

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