Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Crazy Busy

Sometimes, it comes in so handy that I happen to have an extra or two of most everything we use in our home.  Because some weeks become so crazy busy that you simply CAN"T get out to a store.  The past week or so has been like that for me.

Last week- basically the only thing I managed to take advantage of was a Walmart deal:
I ordered this basket of P&G product for $9.99- but it was on sale for $9 (not sure why) with FREE shipping (I received it the NEXT day).  It comes with a free subscription to Allure magazine.  Or, if you prefer, you can submit for a rebate for $9.99.  Completely free- and shipped to me!  They also included a sample of the Febreeze lantern cover things.

This week I did manage to drag my sorry self out to the store though.


2 Folgers Coffee $3.50, used $1 mq, $2.50 per can 4 Pantene Shampoos $3.49, used $3 off 2 mq's (counted toward giftcard deal)
2 Bounty Paper Towels 8 packs $5.99, used 1 $1 mq and 1 $.25 mq (counted toward giftcard deal)
2 Covergirl eye shadow $5.99, 2nd for $1.99 (1/2 off), used $8 mq (counted toward gift card deal)
6 Skinny cow candy bars $1.19, b2g1 free.  Used b1g1 mq's- bought 1 got 2 free.

Paid $27.80- received back a $10 shell gas station gift card.  Not the best trip ever, but we were out of paper towels anyway.  And the coffee was just a great deal.

I must say though, I am disappointed that I have already used up all my $8 covergirl coupons.  This week, with this promotion, had I saved them up I could have bought tons of blush and eye shadows all for free PLUS got free $10 gas cards.  Truly a money maker- but I only had one left. Oh well.

Major strike out.  The only thing they had that I thought I'd buy was the Ricola dual action cough drops ($2 get $2 register reward) which I would have used my b1g1 q on and gotten 2 for free- but of course I waited until yesterday and they were gone.  Oh well- not a big deal.

I have no less than 6 weeks of coupons stacked on my kitchen counter to cut and file.  Then I am going to get back on my serious business couponing horse- I mean it!

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