Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Frugal Findings

I am the room mom for Emily's class.  That is a lot of pressure.  This group of 22 7year olds had been counting down the days to their room party- and I was the only one they were going to tar and feather should it have ended badly.

In years past- room moms have collected $10 from each family for the two annual room party expenses.  I find this to be excessive.  $220 for 2 room parties?  Sometimes they buy a gift for the teacher at Christmas too, but still- really?

This year I decided to just front the whole thing and skip the parent drama.  I knew I could do it inexpensively- and I did.  Here is how it played out:

Games- we played a relay race of pass the apple.  First round they used only their elbows.  Second round they used their chins.  We timed the two rows and let them have a second run to try and improve their time.  Total Cost- $1 (2 apples)

Craft- Scarecrow treat bags.  I used paper lunch sacks ($.88), colored paper ($1) and 'splurged' on google eyes ($2.25).  I precut out all the pieces and the kids glued on their own.  Yellow strips for straw hair, a hat with a colored band, a nose, a mouth, a bowtie and two self sticky google eyes.  Total Cost- $4.13

Snack- Ice Cream Sundaes.  Gallon of ice cream ($4), three squirt bottles of toppings- strawberry, chocolate & carmel ($3 with coupons), Sprinkles ($0- I had them), Whipped Cream ($.89), Marshmallow Topping ($1.39) and cherries ($2.39), Bowls ($1), Napkins ($.50), Spoons ($1).  Total Cost-$14.17.

Take home treats- to fill their treat bags they made.  Halloween pencils ($1.76- 22 @ .08 each), 3 musketeers bars miniature ($.50 with coupon), suckers ($1.29), small hershey bars ($1 with coupon), hershey kisses ($1 with coupon), fruit roll up ($1 with coupons- used 2 boxes @ $.50 each), nestle crunch mini bar ($.50 with coupon), gum ($1), fuzzy sticker pom pom creature guys ($2).  Total Cost- $10.05.

Total Room Party Cost- $28.35.  It could have been even cheaper had I limited some of the toppings.  But I still feel it was a success.  The kids had fun, felt like they hit the jackpot with their treat bags they made and the cost was super low!

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