Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving CVSing- Negative $4

Call me a nut- but shopping at the CVS Thanksgiving sale was the highlight of my entire week.  I could hardly wait.  Instead of waiting until thanksgiving morning and hitting a store as they opened, I chose to do the Midnight thing at a 24 hour store Wednesday night.  I got there at 11pm, I was the first couponer.  I was in heaven.  I had plenty of time to carefully pick my items, peruse the store and be ready just a few minutes before midnight to check out.  I even ended up taking advantage of a few other 100% reward items, because I was there afterall and had time to hunt them out.  After all- who can't use free batteries and pepto bismal?

I'm not going to individually detail the whole order because if you read the ad or my previous post then you know what I did.

My total before coupons was  $89.25.
My total after coupons was $70.60
Extra Care Bucks earned $74.56

That's right- I came out almost $4 ahead of what I spent- plus I get to keep all that great stuff!

I did split it into 2 transactions and rolled the ECB from the first one into the second to keep my out of pocket down- and I also bought 2 of the coloring play houses for $12.99 each with some of my ECB- but I left there wanting to dance the jig.  This couponing sale hunting thing is totally for me- I love it!

(Side note- 'that coupon lady' that I sometimes mention who beats me to Walgreens and buys ALL of whatever is 100% rewards?  She came in to the CVS around 11:45pm........with 8-10 people.  She lined them up, handed them each a shopping cart with an idential shopping bag and they began a convoy around the store scooping up all the reward stuff.  I'm not even joking.  CVS limits their deals to 1-2 per card, which makes it possible for us all to participate in their sales.  She's apparently found a way around that.  At least I beat her to the store.  And I guess maybe her 'carepackage' ploy is legit- after all, who would come out at midnight on thanksgiving just to help a friend score free toothpaste?)

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