Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Them Drugstores!

I can honestly say that the sales I am the most excited about for this years 'black friday' are happening at the drug stores, even though I find it troubling that they are open on Thanksgiving (What is up with that anyway?  Seems like every single place I drive by this year has a sign that they are open on Thanksgiving?  Do people really not have friends or family that they go to visit anymore???).

That being said- there are some pretty good lists of things totally free after rewards, and a little bit of money to be MADE if you have coupons for those items.  Here is a list of what I plan to hunt down:

Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal $2.87, $2 ECB
M&M's 4/$10, $4 ECB
Excedrin $.99, $.99 ECB
Colgate Total $2.87, $2.87 ECB
Cepacol $4.99, $4.99 ECB
Hershey Drops king size (2) $.99, $.99 ECB
Breathe Right $5.99, $5.99 ECB
Finish Quantum $2.99, $2.99 ECB
Pepto Bismol $2.99, $2.99 ECB
Advil 10ct $2.99, $2.99 ECB
Fiber One 90 $3.99, $3.99 ECB
Wet n Wild Flirt Nail Set $2.88, $2 ECB
Soft Lips chapstick $2, $2 ECB
Carmex $1, $1 ECB
Conair Blowdryer (ours is smoking- which I'm pretty sure is not good) $9.99, $5 ECB
Theraflu $1.87, $1.87 ECB
Color i tunes ear phones $6.99, $6 ECB
Bakugan & Beyblades b1g1 free
giant cardboard play houses that the kids can color $12.99 (I know- right?)

Some states have WINE free after register rewards- Indiana is not one of them.  boo.
Arm & Hammer laundry detergetn b1g2 free $6.99 for 3!
Welches sparkling juice 2/$5 (I have coupons that will make them $1 per bottle)
Bic Flex 4 razors or Soleil razors 2/$6, $4 RR
Gillette Pro Series Skin Care gel 2/$7.50, $5.50 RR
Revlon Lip Gloss $4.99, $4 RR
Lady Michum Deodorant 2/$7, $5 RR
Dentek Flossers $2, $2 RR
Scunci Hair Elastics 2/$3, $3 RR
Crest 3D White toothpaste $2.50, $2.50 RR
Therma Care $2.49, $2.49 RR
Colgate Pro Clinical toothpaste $3, $3 RR
SAMe $10, $10 RR
Prep H Totables $2.75, $2.75 RR

Can't wait to see what I am actually able to find in the stores!  Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

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