Saturday, October 8, 2011

Unadvertised Walgreens Register Rewards

There are two unadvertised sales that started this week- one on Thursday and one on Friday.  The only way I knew about them was from reading other blogs (wildforwags).

The Nature Valley deal is this- buy 3 get a certain reward, buy 4 get a certain reward, and buy 5 get a $3 reward (through 10/31).  This week- through today- they are also on sale 2/$4.  Here is how it panned out:

$12- 6 boxes of nature valley bars (if you only buy 5- the fifth one rings up for $3.99, you have to buy in incriments of two)
-$3 Walgreens october coupon booklet save $1wyb2 boxes
-$.75 Manufacturer Q wyb 2 of the regular kind
-$2  Manufacturer Q wyb 1 of the salty/nuty bars (used 4 $.50 q's)
$6.25 Paid- and received a $3 register reward backIt's like paying $.50 per box.

Cottonelle Deal:  Buy 2 of the Ultra (purple package) 12 roll packages and get a $3 register reward back (through 10/30).  Here's how this deal looks:
$10- 2 packs at $5 each
-$2 Walgreens october coupon booklet save $1 wyb 1
-$.75 Manufacturer Q
-$.75 Manufacturer Q
$6.50 Paid.  Received back $3 Register RewardIt's like paying $1.75 per package.  Or if you still have your $1 off 1 package coupons (I had used all mine) it makes them just $1.50!

I must admit, I stopped at Walgreens yesterday to buy these items.  They were completely out of the regular cottonelle in the blue package.  Every pack, gone.  So I bought the Ultra, not sure if it would work on the sale and I was pleasantly surprised that it did.  Later last night I was reading a blog, and they said that this deal ONLY works on the Ultra.  Yay for me!

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