Sunday, December 11, 2011

Marsh Triples Again!

I can not begin to tell you how much I LOVE it when Marsh Triples $1 coupons.  It seems like they are doing it a few times a year- and always on really short notice.  And I so appreciate that they do it- it makes it so much fun for those of us who trim coupons and try to stretch those grocery budgets!

I apologize for this general picture- but I was in an enormous hurry trying to get Sam to school and get back to the hospital to be with mom.  But I couldn't pass the opportunity to shop that morning, so I crammed it in.  Actually, I ended up leaving all no perishable items right there in the middle of the kitchen floor- no time to put them away!

In addition to those bags of groceries is two cases of diet coke and 4 12 packs of various other sodas as well as 2 capri suns and a few frozen things that I slapped in the freezer in the garage.

My total before coupons- $404.82.
After coupons- $103.93.

I purchased 137 items including canned veggies and fruits, skinless chicken breasts, cheese, juice, yogurt, butter, cookie mixes, chips, cereal, ziplocks, crackers, cookies, sausage, and on and on and on.  When they do these sales- you can use 2 'like' coupons, which means you can buy 2 of any item when you have a coupon for each.  Any more than that just rings at face value.  And all coupons up to $1 triple.  It's a couponers dream- and I loved it!!!!

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