Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Puttin' a plan into action

Every chance I have gotten in the past several months to scarf up cheap candy and handlotion, I have.

And now it is time to use it up.  I am making small treat bags for all of the ladies in the school office, various gym/art/music teachers, bus drivers, and other school people.  In them are a large tube of nice hand cream and gobs of wrapped candies.
All total for 14 or so of these giftbags I have calculated that I spent just under $8.  Each tube of hand lotion retails for about $5, so I think this is a heck of an accomplishment.  This time of year it is hard to be able to give a little something to those that you want to and not break your budget into 1000 pieces.  I think these are nice little gifts that I hope these folks will receive with joy in knowing that we remembered them at such a special time of year.

I am doing something similar for the kids teachers- only I'm including some car wash certificates in the bag as well. 

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