Monday, January 9, 2012

CVS 1/8/12

I went to bed excited Saturday night about the sale at CVS starting Sunday.  I know- sad right?  Who would have thought my life would come to this?  Daydreaming about coupon shopping, dreaming about finding multiple copies of the Smart Source in my newspaper, and getting up early on a weekend just to get cheap dishwashing soap.  It's a sad little world, but it's mine. And Sunday was exciting!

CVS: $17.56

$20- 5 All detergent $4 each
-$5 5 $1 mq All Detergent
$13.47 3 Axe body wash at $4.49 each
-$6 3 $2 Axe mqs (using the b1g1 from the 1/8 paper would have made for a better deal)
$21 6 Finish dishwashing packages at $3.50 each
-12.90 6 $2.15 Finish mq's
$2.99 GE Lightbulb
$.75 single pack of m&m's (mysteriously not in the picture- wonder where they were?)

$58.21 in merchandise at sale prices
-$23.90 in coupons
$34.31 total
Earned 1 $10 CVS giftcard (when you spend $30 on particular items) and a $2 cvs buck for the lightbulb, $4 for the Axe and a $.75 cvs buck for the mars candy.  PLUS I am just $19 away from earning another $10 giftcard, and I believe I will round that off with the stayfree b1g1 q's from sundays paper OR the toothpaste deal they have going.

If I had enough coupons- here is a deal idea for the Finish:
9 Finish at $3.50= $31.50
9 mq's at $2.15 each= -$19.35
Pay $12.15 out of pocket
Earn a $10 gift card
Like paying $2.15 for all 9 boxes!

Or with the All detergent
8 All at $4 each= $32
8 mq's at $1 each= -$8
Pay $24 out of pocket
Earn a $10 gift card
Like paying $1.75 for each bottle!

Keep in mind- you can earn up to 5 $10 giftcards per week.  When you combine coupons with those sale items- it makes for some really great deals!

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