Monday, January 2, 2012

New Years Shoppin' 1/1/12

CVS: $8.21
 $9.98 4 skinny cow 6packs on sale buy 1 @ $4.99 get one free
-$6.96 2 b1g1free coupons (maximum value $3.48): made them $.76 per box!
$4.95 5 3packs of ivory soap on sale $.99 each
-1.75 5 $.35 coupons: made them only $.21 per bar of soap!
$10 nivea chap sticks (only 2 in picture) on sale 2/$5
-$6 2 $3 coupons wyb 2 nivea AND received a $5 ECB for spending $10: Made $1 for buying them
$6.99 oil of olay bath soap
-$4 wyb oil of olay bath soap AND received a $2 ECB: Made it $.99
$2 jif peanut butter - 2 @ $1 each (raincheck from a long time ago)
$15.21 out of pocket and still have $7 in ECB for next week.  (I actually used some ECB and only paid a few dollars out of pocket).

Walgreens: +$.27
$10 4 general mills cereals 4/$10
-$2 2 $1 wby 2 general mills cereals coupon- received back $3 RR wyb 4: made them $1.25 per box (not the best deal on cereal, but I still bought them)
$16.76 4 alka seltzers at $4.19 each
-$8 walgreens january coupon book save $2 each
-$8 4 $2 alka seltzer mq's- received back $5 RR for spending $15 on select items including alkaseltzer: I made $4.24 for buying these items!
$10 2 triaminic thin strips $5 each
-$4 2 $2 triaminic coupons that were on a tear pad right on the shelf!- received back $5 RR wyb $10 in triaminic: made them $.50 per box (I thought they would be free with the January walgreens coupon book q but it wouldn't scan- whatever)
$12.99 Brainstrong kids vitamins chewable gummies b1g1 free
-$10 walgreens january coupon book save $5 wyb 1 brainstrong vitamins, 2 @ $5
-$5 vitamins and supplements book coupon (found at pharmacy in store) wyb brainstrong vitamins: made $2.01 for buying these!
$9.99 SamE supplements- received a $10 RR for buying them
$9.99 SamE supplements- received a $10 RR for buying them

My total before coupons at Walgreens was $69.73.  After coupons was $32.73 (plus tax).  I received back $33 in register rewards.  Please keep in mind that I had to pay for the 2 SamE supplements in seperate transactions as you can only get 1 register reward per item per transaction.  So I actually paid for these two first.  Then I put the 2 $10 register rewards onto my last transaction of everything else (I had some ice creame and coffee creamer without coupons so this would work).  Therefore, my actual cash out of pocket was lower.  I'm also totally going to stop at another store to see if I can get more of the kids vitamins.  I would love to stock up a little on these- and free is a pretty good price!

Also- I was a little disappointed that the alka seltzer january coupon book q wouldn't work on the akla seltzer plus cold formula that was $4.99.  It would have been break even, but my mom really likes that stuff and I was picking it up for her.  Oh well, antacid formula will come in handy too I suppose.

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