Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My way of running errands

Here is how I spent my afternoon:

Post office- for work. There are no coupons for the post office.  Full price.

Newspaper stand- I happened to notice that on the front page of the Indy Star was a $5 off a $20 purchase at CVS valid through Sunday.  You KNOW I bought one.  $.75  We stopped in CVS but the kids were kind of crazy and I didn't have the patience to look through the covergirl make up (spend $15 get $5, plus I have $5 off 2 manu q's) so I will try and go back before Sunday.

Walgreens- yesterday they were out of the soft scrub total.  Today they had restocked and had tons.  I bought 3 soft scrub total and 3 soft scrub liquid for $3 each.  Total was $18.  Used 3 b1 soft scrub total g1 soft scrub liquid free coupons.  New total was $9.  Got a $4 reward for buying $15 in those items.  Total spent, $5 (after my reward).

Office Depot- for work, needed ink for the office printer.  Total was $15.99, used a reward certificate from last quarter, paid nothing.  Recycled 4 ink cartridges so that we will get $2 each next quarter. Paid $0.

Lane Bryant- picked up a new bra from the clearance rack, $19.99 (marked down from $34).  Used a $15 off a $15 coupon I got in the mail.  Paid $5.34.

Staples- needed black ink for my personal printer and they only sell it at Staples or online, $26.74.  Used a $20 rebate from a previous purchase.  Paid $6.74.

McDonalds- rewarded us all for our crazy erranding with 3 ice cream cones.  Used kids free treat coupons from the spring coupon sheets that I bought around spring break- 12 treat coupons per sheet for $1 total.  Paid $0.

I came home with $87.22 in merchandise and spent $17.83 ($21.83 if you don't include the $4 reward).

Not a bad day of shopping!

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