Friday, June 24, 2011

Where have all the good sales gone?

Boy- I'm just not seeing it this week either.  No super good sales that I can find.  I suppose triple coupon day at Marsh is gonna have to hold me for a while, because it looks like a really good shopping trip just isn't in my future.  Kroger seems to be rerunning the same sale as last week (save 5 when you buy 5- but the prices and coupons just really aren't that good in my opinion), next week Walgreens seems to be offering more mail in rebates than reward bucks, and CVS has a couple items I would like to pick up (hello dollar makin' tampons) but nothing too exciting.

I could sure use a fun coupon trip- but this just isn't going to be the week apparently.

In fact- I went to Kroger this week for produce mainly and was only able to use $8 in coupons on my $60 order.  That kind of stunk.  And, there was another $5 off a $20 purchase CVS coupon in yesterdays paper and I missed it.

Not my week for coupons.  Which might be good.  We need to use up some of what we've got before it starts expiring (side eye to the tostitos chips I forgot about- shhh, we're eating them anyway).

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