Thursday, June 2, 2011

Marsh- again really?

Today begins another Mega Sale at Marsh.  I'm really not a Marsh marketing representative or anything- they just are having another super sale.....for the second week in a row.

This week- when you buy 10 of certain items you get an instant $5 off your bill, PLUS you get a bonus $5 coupon off next weeks bill.  And there is no limit to how many bonus coupons you can acrue. 

Items include:

32 oz Gatorades $1.09, $.59 after instant $.50 savings.  If you buy 10 you pay $5.90 plus you get another $5 off next weeks grocery bill.  I totally stocked up on these last time they had this sale and it has paid off each time all three kids grab one as we head out to the softball diamonds 5 times a week.  I plan to buy 20 or so more of these this week!

Kraft or Sargento Cheese $1.99 after instant $.50 savings (I know I have some $1 off couons for Kraft and $1 off 2 sargento coupons)

Magnum Ice Cream Bars $2.49 after instant $.50 savings- use the $1 off coupons from a few weeks ago and these will be just $1.49 (these are similar to Dove bars- so make some room in the freezer to hide them from the kids).

Square or Round Pie Pans 3 packs $1.09 after instant $.50 savings.  If you take food to anyone ever this is a good price, I will buy a pack or two just to put in the cabinet.

Jello 6pack or 3pack puddings $1.99 after instant $.50 savings- use the $.60 coupon and pay just $1.39.

Kelloggs Fiber Plus bars $1.99 after instant $.50 savings- not sure but I think there is a pretty good coupon out for these, maybe $1ish?

Capri Suns or Koolaid Jammers $1.49 after instant $.50 savings- I don't know of any coupons but this is a good price to put a few on the shelf for upcoming team snack days or camping trips.

Poptarts $1.38 after instant $.50 savings- I believe I have some $1 off 3 packages coupons, so that would make them close to $1 each.  I don't usually buy these because the kids (and dan) gobble them up like nothing, but I might get a few just for easy summer breakfasts.

Lunchables $.99 after instant $.50 savings- if this includes the ones with fruit you could use your $1 off coupons from the smartsource a few weeks back and get them for free. (I would have used those during the triple days but they never had any in stock).  Again- I think these things are kind of a rip off considering you get four pieces of meat, four pieces of cheese and four crackers- but they are good for an on the go in a pinch snack and if I can get them for $.50 or less each sometimes I will buy them.  Otherwise I just bag up cheese and crackers in ziplocs.

Tropicana Juice $2.49 after instant $.50 savings- pretty sure I have a $.50 or $1 coupon- so this is an okay price for orange juice.

There are more items included in the sale- so check it out and see what fits for your family.  I'm not sure how much money I'm really willing to spend this week since I kind of went a little nuts last week considering I'd already spent $80 in groceries the night before that crazy triple coupon thing started.  Then I bought another $50ish in groceries (which was totally worth it- but just not in my original budget).

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