Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A drunken coupon stupor

I didn't even go to the Walgreens 2 day sale, I was so pumped about the triple coupons at Marsh their 'sale' seemed weak in comparison.

I'm positive that the triple $1 coupon sale at our local Marsh Grocery was a once in a lifetime.  By Monday afternoon- the store shelves were cleaned of any product that had a coupon out for it and the cashiers looked like they were about to start a coupon bon fire in the parking lot.

But it was amazing.  Absolutely amazing.  A couponers dream.  I made a total of three trips (I couldn't stop!).  My total before coupons (after sale price card discounts) was $439.97.  After all my coupons, my cash out of pocket was $42.72.  I'm not kidding.

I only bought things that were free or dang near it with the tripled coupons.  I paid attention to what I was willing to pay on a normal sale price for an item before chucking it in the cart just because I had a coupon.  And I spent quite a bit of time in there on Friday looking at each item with whatever coupon I had for it.  For me it was like a dream.  Which makes me wonder if there is a support group for couponers, cause I think I'm gonna need it.


Sarah said...

FANTASTIC job!! That's impressive!!! Your persistance paid off! :)
Between the lady who thought I was the worse parent in the world (since I had my two kids there (they were not screaming or anything) at 9am on a Sat and Ethan had lost a sock in the parking lot that I didn't notice and it was "awfully chilly for children to not have their feet covered") AND the shelves not being restocked or they didn't carry the items I went for I left disappointed. Still saved a some money (thank you for that!) but sounds like I should of went back and gave it another shot!! :D

Mynde said...

Oh Sarah- I'm so sorry to hear that your marsh couponing wasn't as exciting as I hoped it would be for you! And I'm sorry about that crazy grocery grandma! Why do those judgemental old women always choose the grocery store to 'teach' us stupid young moms. Any woman grocery shopping with children in tow is basically a woman on the edge and should be left alone!!! They should wait to 'enlighten' us until we're sipping margharitas in a bar- maybe we'd be more receptive : )