Monday, May 2, 2011

A long overdue shopping trip

Sunday morning, before church, I totally ditched Dan with the responsibilities of preparing our children for worship and ran to Walgreens.  I knew it would be the only opportunity I had for the day, and I was hoping to beat that cartload couponer (which was already at the checkout when I got there)(I'll save my story about her for another day but she makes them ring like 37 transactions and takes over 2 hours to check out and she clears the shelves of every single item, SERIOUSLY).

Walgreens:  5/1/11
$22.34 final cost- $11 back in register rewards- (my actual out of pocket was $12.34 because I used some register rewards from last week)
2 transactions (no one was in line behind me- so yes I did two transactions)

$4.49 Right Guard Body Wash
$.50 Right Guard Body Wash (not sure why it rang up so crazy- ad said b1g1- shelf said b1g1 for $.50?? Whatever)
$2.50 Right Guard Body Wash (again with the crazy price ringing up?)
$2.49 Right Guard Body Wash
$2 Gum flossers
$5.99 BIC Sol Bella Razors
$1.29 3M Roll of Tape (filler so I could use register reward from last week as payment) (remember- at Walgreens you can only use one coupon per item- so since I had a coupon for every item I was buying, I needed something else in order to use a register reward coupon too)
-$.90 in ad coupon for tape
-$3 BIC razors (in 5/1 coupons from paper)
-$4.49 right guard body wash (b1g1 coupon in 5/1 coupons from paper)
-$4.49 right guard body wash
-$4 register reward from last weeks splenda
$1.29 tax
$3.67 total out of pocket
Received back $2 register reward for the GUM flossers (made them free) and $2 register reward for the razors (made them $.99).  Uh- just realized that since I didn't have a coupon for the flossers I technically didn't need the filler tape.  Oops.  But still- $.39 for a roll of tape is good and we go through ALOT of it.


$5.99 BIC soleil razors
$1.29 3M tape
$2 GUM flossers
$5 cottonelle
$5 cottonelle
-$.90 3M Tape (in ad coupon)
-$3 razor coupon (clipped from 5/1 paper)
-$2 cottonelle (walgreens may coupon booklet, -$1 on each 12 pack)
-$2 register reward from last week (can't remember what this was from)
$1.29 tax
$8.67 total out of pocket
Received $2 register reward for razors (made them $.99), $2 register reward for flossers (made them free), and $3 register reward for buying 2 cottonelle (made them $2.50 per 12 pack).

Supposedly there was supposed to be a coupon for the Noxema razors for $3 in yesterdays paper, but I sure couldn't find it.  It may have been regional.  But if you have it- you can pair it with the sale price on the disposable razors and their current reward promotion to make $1 buying them.  Good luck to you if you have it!

I was also surprised that I didn't have a manufacturers coupon on that Cottonelle to sweeten it a bit, but I didn't that I could find.

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