Friday, May 27, 2011

I'm about to pee my pants & it totally figures

I was tired last night and would have preferred putting off my grocery grocery shopping for one more day.  But I didn't- I pushed myself to go do it.  And I was satisfied with my results.  Although too tired for a big item photo (sorry), my initial total was $117.47 after my shopper loyalty card- and after coupons it was $76.43.  Plus I got back two of the $4 catalinas for my next shopping trip from the Nestle ice cream thing (spend $12- get back $4).

And I was all prepared to hack out the top deals for the week.  Until I logged onto facebook and got a notice that Marsh (where I shopped less than 12 hours ago) is TRIPLEING coupons up to $1 today through Monday (limit of 2 identical coupons per customer).

At first I was all- wow, grab the keys and get to Marsh.  And then I was all, poop- wonder how much I would have saved had I waited until today to go (procrastination sometimes pays).  I saved $38.05 last night in regular coupons (with the up to $.50 doubling).  Had I waited until today- I would have saved ANOTHER $30.10.  Uhg.

Oh well- I'm still going back.  Triple coupons- that is a sure win for a couponer!  I just have to get there while they still have some product left.

In addition- be sure to print this $10 off your order of $100 or more coupon.  It says a particular location, but I asked at my service desk if they honored it and she said yes.  It scanned without a problem.

Also- get your 4 day freebie eckrich smokey links coupon if you spend $50 or more!

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