Friday, May 27, 2011

I pink puffy heart love you triple coupon days!

Waking up this morning and seeing a super special message on facebook from Marsh Supermarkets (I pity you if you don't have Marsh Supermarkets around you today) that they would TRIPLE all coupons up to $1 through Monday was exactly what my emotionally worn soul needed.

Nothing gets me excited like an opportunity to go hounding for deals with my coupons.  And with $1 coupons being worth $3- the deals were a plenty to be had!

Being that I was supposed to be working- forgive me for providing only this picture.  Just know that in there laundry detergents, 4 12 packs of cokes, yogurts, meat marinades, seasonings, new oreo icing & smores icing, two premarinated pork roasts, 4 packs of hot dogs, buns, chips, ice cream, lots of cheeses, batteries, cookies, cheese filled crackers, bacon, jet dry, foil, paper plates, dentastix dog treats, zip locks, soap, deodorant and more.  Because I was allowed to use two of each idential coupon, there are two of everything I listed.

Before my coupons (after my shopper loyalty card), my total was $254.57.  After my coupons, I paid just $27.02 cold hard cash.  (plus I got back 2 $4 coupons for my next shopping trip because of buying $24 in Nestle Ice Cream- of which I of course used coupons on).

I love you Marsh.  I love you coupons.  I love you free groceries!

Because some of my items were less than $3, and some were more, the overage from any coupons went toward my more expensive items- like the bacon, pork roasts, etc.  For example- the Weber Grill Seasonings are $3.59- but are on sale buy one get one free.  But you can use a coupon on the free item too.  So I paid $3.59 for both- used two $1 coupons that tripled- so I had $2.41 overage that went toward my balance.

I was glad to see there was still plenty of product left for everything I was shopping for- and that they limited each shopper to two of each item.  It made it fun to shop for deals knowing that there was plenty to go around!  Couponers unite- see you at Marsh!


Sharon said...

YOWSER, YOU FINALLY DID IT!! Like watching the TV show. And, I apologize to you -- if I had gone too like you wanted me to, you would've gotten twice as much for my purchases too I didn't know they limited # of items. Sorry -- if you had told me I would've done it for you:( At any rate, I am impressed!!


Mynde said...

I didn't want more stuff mom- I was willing to get you a whole cart of stuff for $30 too! I had plenty of each coupon to share.