Sunday, May 22, 2011

The M word

Alright- so I'm fickle.  I said never again.  Today I went back.  again.  This is like number 3 since I said never.  But I do promise to not 'grocery' shop there again.  Just sale item shop.  And I think that makes a point.

Meijer- 5/22/11

$8 Smuckers sundae syrups $2 each ($1 after coupon)
$6.54 Duncan Hines brownie mixes $1.09 each ($.09 after coupon)
$4.50 Kool Aide $.10 each ($.06 after coupon)
$3 Aunt Millies buns $1.50 each ($.50 after coupon)

-$4 4 $.55 off Smuckers Surups (meijer rounds up to $1)
-$6 6 $.50 off duncan hines brownie mixes (meijer doubles $.50 coupons)
-$1.50 buy 10 get 5 free kool aides
-$2 2 $.55 aunt millies coupons (meijer rounds up to $1)

$8.54 out of pocket after coupons.  My total was a little higher as Meijer only doubles the first two coupons- which I learned this morning.  Had I known that- I would have just bought two of each and stopped back later for two more of each or taken dan and rang two orders. But I was there- so I didn't.  Lesson learned for next time.

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