Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Walgreens & Marsh 5/17/11

 Total spent- $24.18, received back $10 in rewards to use next week.  The best deals I see this week are
  • Tape- buy 1 at $1.99 get two free with in ad q, plus use 2 $1 off coupons and get three for FREE! 
  • Gilette body wash is 3/$10 and you get a $3 reward back.  I used one buy a body wash get a deodorant free (I could only find ONE deodorant left) and three $2 off from 5/15 paper, which means I paid $1 for all four products. 
  • Off Personal Fans- they are not on sale but I chose to use my q's this week.  Fan $9.99, bought four, used two b1g1 q's printed from the manu site, used two $2 off q's printed from the manu site (because you are allowed to use a q on the free item), used the $1 off q in the May walgreens book (took off $4- $1 each).  Made all four $12- just $3 each and I have been wanting to try these this summer.
  • Reach toothbrushes- buy 2 get $1 reward, buy 3 get $2 reward, buy 4 get $4 reward.  I bought the cheapest one for $.99 each- used 4 $1 off q's from the paper a few weeks ago (needed to be adjusted down to $.99) and got back a $4 reward.  MONEY MAKER.
  • Finish dish washing soap- $3.49.  Used $1.75 coupon from a facebook offer a few weeks ago, paid $1.98, got back $1.50 reward.  Made it $.48.
  • I didn't buy any of the Dove deodorant- but it is on sale for $3.99- and you get a $3 reward.  So if you have any of the $1 coupons, it is basically free this week.
  • The dogfood we just needed.  It's probably cheaper to buy the big bag at Target but I was too tired for another stop so I just gave in.  It's $5.99- I used $1.50 q's and $1 q from the May walgreen book- which made them $3.50 per bag.  I'll total up the cost per pound for the big bag next time I buy it at Target- but I'm sure it's cheaper that way.
Purex is on sale for $3.99.  I used the $3 q's from the 5/8 paper and paid just $.99 each. 
Tabasco sauce is $1- used $.50 q's that doubled so I got them for free.
Philly Cooking Creams are $2.  I didn't purchase any because I still have some in the fridge and I am out of coupons- but if you have the $1.50 q's left- that makes them just $.50 each.  I used the garlic one with some chicken I'd cooked in a little butter and fresh garlic, my free pasta from last week and a bag of steamed broccoli for a super cheap dinner that was DELICIOUS!  If you haven't tried these yet- they are totally worth even full price!
They also had their Purdue boneless chicken breast buy 1 get 1- as well as Edy's ice cream b1g1.  No q's to go with it- but still something I purchased.  It made the chicken around $2 a pound, and we were out, so there you go.

I did pick up a few rain check items at CVS- and matched up a few other high coupons with a couple sale items to get my total over $25 so that I could use my $5 off $25 purchase coupon they emailed me.  Then the cashier scanned one of my other coupons first which brought my total under the $25 and she said I'd have to save my CVS coupon for another trip.  Which kind of preturbed me, but I really like that cashier so I just blew it off.  All in all I paid $2.02 for over $30 in stuff, so obviously it is fine.  Just not as I planned so I'm not even going to blog about it.

I haven't made it to Kroger yet- but shopper Sarah mentioned that the Tide laundry detergent is included in the buy 10 get $5 off sale- as well as the same Ronzoni pasta from last week.  If you look in your 5/15 coupons, there was a $1 off one box coupon- so if you utilize the buy 10 savings you end up paying $.49- use your $1 q and you MAKE $.50!
But that sale in our region ends today.  I hope to swing by there before it ends.

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