Wednesday, June 8, 2011


I didn't make it to Walgreens until Monday- so most of what I thought I might buy was gone.  I will try and check later in the week and see if they've restocked (Gillette buy $30 get $10, gillette razor with a $5 reward, Tide Stain Release, I think that was all).

But I did get two of the razors......
 They were on sale for $5.99.  I used a $3 coupon- paid $2.99 and got a $2 register reward back.  So basically they were $.99.  PLUS- just a reminder to always look through your packages because I found one with two extra razors and one with coupons for EOS shaving cream.  BONUS!  Keep in mind that the register rewards are limited to one per transaction- so I rang these two up seperately.
Also- planning on seeing any of the new movies coming out this summer?  Check out these specially marked packages of M&M's.  I had to look at three stores, but I finally found some.  Inside there is a code you enter online to see if you won free movie tickets.  We bought six packages and I got a $3 coupon off a movie ticket for all six that I entered.  These coupons are good at basically all theaters from what I can tell.  So I paid like $.60 for the candy and got a $3 coupon- not a bad return on our investment considering the kids each have a movie picked out they want to see this summer!

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