Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A coupon Vacation

Vacations are great.  And I just finished up one.  Thanks to my stockpile- we had most everything we needed for the trip with very little out of pocket cash for last minute things like shampoo, deodorant, and snacks for the car and condo.

We ate a couple of meals in our condo per day.  Mainly it's just easier that way.  With kids- packing everyone up first thing in the morning to hunt down a breakfast place to wait wait wait for a table and then wait wait wait for your food while they whine whine whine about going back to the pool is just not fun.  Same with lunch.  It's just nicer to grab something in the room and get back to the swimming.  So on our first day there- we went to the grocery.  Shopping for 'needs' is so much different than how I normally shop- which is by couponing.

When I coupon- I match up my coupons to the sales and promotions and I stock up.  Then I fill in with fresh fruits and veggies, milks and meats.  For the most part I can keep our weekly food shopping to less than fifty bucks cold hard cash- and we eat what we have on hand.

But in Florida????  Shopping from a strict menu we'd planned?  My precoupon total was $151- after coupons- $146.  I dang near stroked out.  I'm just not used to shopping like that anymore.  Either way, we saved money because we fed 7 people 12 meals for $146- plus that included some sunglasses, sunscreen, my mother in laws vitamins and canned drinks.  But still- not how I normally shop.

And then yesterday I noticed my husband had stopped and bought a 12 pack of his life blood- mountain dew (there haven't been any great sales so we'd run out).  He paid $5.66 for a 12 pack.  I just had my second stroke in a week.  Note to self- buy that man some mountain dew- anything I can find will be cheaper than that.

I'm afraid I am a couponer for life now- my mentality has just changed and can't ever go back.

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