Monday, July 25, 2011

Marsh 7/23/11

Marsh- $30.88
Total after sale prices- before coupons- $65.18.  After coupons $35.88.  I didn't get the $5 off your next order coupon that was supposed to print for buying various kelloggs items, so they gave me $5 cash back.  Total spent $30.88.

If you live in central Indiana and haven't found the special Marsh only coupons at be sure to always go there and look at the coupons before shopping.  A lot of times Thurs-Sun there are printable coupons for a free item (this week was the drumstick icecreams) when you spend $50, plus I found coupons off blueberries (which I didn't buy), milk (which made these $1.50 per gallon) and ground beef (which made it less than $2 per pound).

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