Thursday, July 7, 2011

CVS- lovin me some gas rewards!

First- I forgot a picture (sorry).

Second- it's not a huge deal, but still a deal in my opinion.

For weeks now, every week there is a new list of items that if you spend $30 on, you get a free $10 gas card.  We all buy Gas- right?

Here's what I bought this week:

$3.99 Always Infinity- used $1 coupon and got back $2 extra bucks, like paying $.99 (limit 1)
$2.99 X 6 Always Ultra Pads- used 6 $1 coupons, paid $11.94- got fuel promo credit for $17.94
$3 X 3 Big bags of pretzel m&m's- used 3 $1 coupons, paid $6- got fuel promo credit for $9
$.75 X 3 small bags of m&m's- no coupons (emily has a 4H project we need them for)- paid $2.25 and got $2.25 fuel credit promo
$1.50 sharing size bag of m&m's- no coupons (miscalculated on my totals- needed a little more)(uh- yes, it would have made more sense to get one more big bag of plain m&m's- sometimes my brain doesn't work right, ya know)
$1.19 Hershey Air Delight- used $1.19 free coupon from red magic machine- free
$3 X 2 Oral B Advantage toothbursh- used 2 $2 coupons, paid $1 each and got back $1 each extra bucks
Total cash out of pocket $26.68 (used some extra bucks from last week, actually only paid $18.68) and got back $4 in extra bucks plus a free BP $10 gas card. 

In case you are thinking you have to mail away for this promo, you don't.  They issue it to you right there on the spot.  I consider this $10 a direct savings off what I buy since I know I have to buy gas regardless.  You might keep your eyes peeled next week and see what items you can match up coupons with and earn yourself a $10 gas card.

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