Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Target- no pictures (use your imagination)

Always Always Always check out for the printable coupons.  Always.  Scroll to the bottom of the webpage and in one of the small lettter columns there is a 'coupons' button.  Click there and make sure there is nothing that works for you before you go shop.  Because these are 'target' coupons, you can use a manufacturer coupon too.  Sometimes I see nothing that works for me.  Sometimes (like this week) I do.  You are allowed to print two of each one.

Yesterday, here are the things I found to be of particular interest:

$3 plus size apparel item coupon- I picked up a couple $2.50 clearanced t-shirts for FREE!
$3 jeans coupon- Ally found a pair of clearance jeans for $9.98- $6.98 (for back to school!)
Buy 3 keebler cookies get 1 free target q- bought 4 packages at $2.29 each, got one free, plus used 2 $1/2 manu q's- total was $5.17 for 4 packages of cookies.
$1 off siera mist- on sale 3/$10 PLUS buy 3 get a free 12 pack of diet pepsi.  Used 3 $1 target q's (used 2 computers to print 4 total) plus a $.75 manu q for the diet pepsi- paid $6.25 for 4 12 packs.  (hello- camping this weekend?)
$1 off 3 crystal lites- paired it with three $1 off 1 manu q's- shelf price was $2.49, paid $3.47 for all three. (I drink ALOT of this stuff).
$1 off 2 Kraft cheese- not on sale or a great deal but it was on my list and I got to save a buck- perfect!

Also- on the back to school coupon magazine I got in the mail this week from Target, there was a spend $50 get a $5 target giftcard.  My total before coupons was over $50 so I got that too.


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