Thursday, August 18, 2011

CVS and the magic machine of love

Always scan your CVS card at the red machine at the front of the store.  The end.

Yesterday I got an entire ribbon of coupons that I proceeded to wear through the store like a Miss America Sash, because I'm that cool.

It printed a coupon for a FREE carmello candy bar (hello-FREE CHOCOLATE?), a free box of CVS bandaids, $4 off when you buy diapers and wipes, $3 off a $15 grocery purchase and a few others.

The coupons aligned for a delightful shopping trip that finally made me excited.  But no picture because HELLO I was at the pharmacy picking up pain pills for my husband after spending the evening in the ER (flash burn from welding- he's fine).  I was pooped.

Here's what I bought:
2 huggies slip on diapers $8.99 each
1 huggies wipes $2.79
1 cottonelle wipes $1.97 (had a free coupon to redeem)
1 gatorade drink $1 (only had one left- I will look for 4 more at another store to get the $5 ECB's wyb 5)
2 gallons of deans milk $3.19 each
2 special K multi grain crackers 2/$4
2 cheese it white cheddar crackers 2/$4
1 12 pack mt. dew $2.50
1 allergy pills $4.69 (no coupon at all- just needed them)
1 3 musketeer king size (me and emily, naughty girls) $1

My total was over $48!

-$.50 huggies wipes
-$4 machine coupon wyb wipes and diapers
-$3 machine coupon off $15 in groceries
-$1.96 free cottonelle wipes coupon I got in the mail
-$.25 machine coupon off candy bar
-$1 wyb 2 special k crackers
-$3 Huggies $3 coupon
-$3 Huggies coupon again (it was also in the paper last Sunday)
-$2 printable CVS coupon for huggies pull up diapers (no longer available or I'd link it up for you)
-$2 printable CVS coupon again for diapers
-$10 giftcard I got when I filled the pain pill prescription (my CVS honors competitor pharmacy coupons, I got one from Meijer last time I checked out!)

Total was $17.82
I got back a $10 gas card for buying $30 in certain items (diapers, cottonelle, crackers, wipes) and $2 in ECB ($1 for each gallon of milk). 

The diapers will go to a family who could use them at Dan's work, in case you think I've lost my ever loving mind.  It was just too good of a deal to pass up considering I basically got them for FREE with the magic coupon machine coupon!

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